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Blow a purchase. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream blow a purchase. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

purchase 29
Meaning of the dream: happy and prosperous fortune

purchase books 50
Description: aspiration failed

advantageous purchase 67
Interpretation of the dream: passing infatuation

wrong purchase 38
Translation: compromises dangerous

purchase postponed 50
Dream description: love of neighbor

contract a purchase 46
Meaning: happy marriage

contract of purchase 79
Translation of the dream: waste of money

deciding on a purchase 47
Interpretation: desire for new sensations

regret a purchase 21
Sense of the dream: commercial prosperity

commission for a purchase 8
What does it mean: general improvement

advise against a purchase 14
Meaning of the dream: fight for life

purchase of goods 31

purchase of land 14

Good purchase 71

blow 1
Dream description: dirty trick on the part of a woman deceiving

blow out the candle 60
Meaning: changes in family

knife blow 16
Translation of the dream: dangers to be avoided

blow torch 73
Interpretation: high hopes

blow your nose 81
Sense of the dream: incompatibility of character

blow out a candle 46
What does it mean: heartbreak

blow into the fire 29
Meaning of the dream: slander

blow in the hands 88
Description: You receive gifts

blow up a mine 4
Interpretation of the dream: things go wrong in every sector

blow with stick 42

blow with the hand 44

deadly blow 53

blow on the head 2

blow off steam with his father 49
Interpretation: momentary depression

blow off steam with your spouse 58
Sense of the dream: unexpected pleasant

give an uppercut (boxing blow) 5
What does it mean: do you have a lot of friends

facilitate purchases 6
Meaning of the dream: abundance

ambulance newly purchased 50
Description: you proud of yourself

blowing the game 5
Interpretation of the dream: morbid friendships

blowgun 18
Translation: you will be struck by the slander

battering blows 74
Dream description: prosperity

sacristan blowing out candles 10
Meaning: will inconstant

38 - Smorfia classic: blows 38

exchange blows 31
Interpretation: realization of credits

blowing on the fire 31
Sense of the dream: momentary enthusiasm

blowing wind 8
What does it mean: physical fatigue

blowing on his hands 35
Meaning of the dream: sudden fright

blown glass 17
Description: change to design

whistleblower arrested 8

honor purchased 70