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Blind cashier. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream blind cashier. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cashier 7
Meaning of the dream: change of program

be the cashier 50
Description: opposition of a young

cashier store 85
Interpretation of the dream: Lost Illusions

cashier fleeing 39
Translation: quarrels with relatives

Cashier robbed 40
Dream description: strained relations

cashier stealing 31
Meaning: friction with employees

cashier assaulted 87
Translation of the dream: secret feelings

cashier arrested 59
Interpretation: unbridled ambition

cashier honest 16
Sense of the dream: prosperity uncertain

cashier scrupulous 11
What does it mean: hasty decisions

suspect a cashier 28
Meaning of the dream: nervous disorders

cashier who pays 58
Description: concerns passing

cashier who escapes 79
Interpretation of the dream: sick passenger

bars cashier 88
Translation: stop in the activity

Butcher Cashier 57
Dream description: infirmity

cashier to butcher 83
Meaning: good deals

blind 40
Translation of the dream: foresight in business and in life, auspicious

going blind 16
Interpretation: rivalries and enmities

embrace a blind 54
Sense of the dream: disillusion

blind beggar 21
What does it mean: fake friends

blind person 20
Meaning of the dream: mourning relatives

blind birds 12
Description: unwelcome news

blind animals 74
Interpretation of the dream: extra gain

dog for the blind 42
Translation: vivacity of spirit

blind war 64
Dream description: referrals of decisions

accompanied blind 31
Meaning: steadfastness of purpose

blind dog 8
Translation of the dream: interesting news

blind playing 17
Interpretation: new relationships

blind falling 16
Sense of the dream: danger of leakage

pretending to be blind 41
What does it mean: opposition in family

blind eyes 31
Meaning of the dream: insincerity harmful

blind father 24
Description: disillusionment of love

poor blind 52
Interpretation of the dream: errors impatience

taunt blind 9
Translation: illusions of love

lower the blind 82
Dream description: enterprise that fails

blind obedience 61
Meaning: feelings to be overcome

blind man 13
Translation of the dream: inner restlessness

mock a blind 9
Interpretation: Public manifestation of your convictions

Blind dancing 77
Sense of the dream: humiliation and shame

blind dead 70
What does it mean: passing infatuation

pity from blind 14
Meaning of the dream: some situation of the past haunts you

blind Franciscan 71
Description: momentary embarrassment

roller blind 43
Interpretation of the dream: need to get away from the crowds

mock a blind man 9
Translation: tries to be more realistic

the man born blind 50
Dream description: heavy duty

cartridge case from blind 8
Meaning: false friendships

blind man begging 49
Translation of the dream: help from a friend

blind man with a stick 65
Interpretation: mishaps and troubles in the family

blind man with the dog 30
Sense of the dream: expenses can not be delayed