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Blank canvas. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream blank canvas. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

handkerchief canvas 51
Meaning of the dream: deception of friends

Indian canvas 79
Description: luck in love

hoop canvas 22
Interpretation of the dream: Pulse wild

chaplet canvas 4
Translation: expenses limit

byssus canvas 50
Dream description: precision work

canvas 34
Meaning: Good news

webbing canvas 7
Translation of the dream: success and well-being

spider that makes the canvas 67
Interpretation: momentary satisfaction

canvas for sails 38
Sense of the dream: trip possible

canvas suitcase 10
What does it mean: joyful events

sketches on canvas 4
Meaning of the dream: false confidences

easel with canvas 65
Description: remarkable progress

gum canvas 6
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity

canvas trunk 47
Translation: make sure your future

canvas for mattresses 86
Dream description: great satisfaction

canvas packing 27
Meaning: events pleased

waxed canvas 8
Translation of the dream: business unclear and dangerous

Flap canvas 48
Interpretation: source of income that fades

painting on canvas 31
Sense of the dream: advantageous purchases

volume in canvas 5
What does it mean: ties secrets

canvas trousers 65
Meaning of the dream: recognized merit

image on canvas 40
Description: fights for an ideal

bound with canvas 14
Interpretation of the dream: relationships

trade satin canvas or velvet 83
Translation: joy and profit

blank pistol 20
Dream description: something wrong you would be happening

colored cloth 32
Meaning: news untrusted

thin cloth 61
Translation of the dream: waste of money

striped cloth 70
Interpretation: difficulties to be faced

blank page 15
Sense of the dream: firm intentions

empty stretcher 29
What does it mean: fickleness in love

empty jug 27
Meaning of the dream: lack of control

empty suitcase 6
Description: well-founded trust

empty pocket 56
Interpretation of the dream: you're not happy in a loving situation

empty mussel 65
Translation: you are doing something wrong in your life

linen cloth 41
Dream description: economic benefits

empty pan 20
Meaning: unfortunate love

empty hall 50
Translation of the dream: loss

wearing a white cloth and coarse 10
Interpretation: the rich sorrow; Joy to the poor; women sonship

towel cloth 21
Sense of the dream: difficult days

cloth discolored 6
What does it mean: fickleness of character

roll of cloth 79
Meaning of the dream: tranquility in the family

empty boat 24
Description: remorse justified

Empty Bottle 14
Interpretation of the dream: quiet life

empty drawer 39
Translation: new interests

empty cell 7
Dream description: reckless conduct

empty bowl 42
Meaning: long and futile negotiations

empty cradle 80
Translation of the dream: Health unstable

empty shell 33
Interpretation: loss of time or credit

empty wallet 14
Sense of the dream: money coming

empty school 8
What does it mean: injustice to be overcome

empty tub 46
Meaning of the dream: painful indecision

empty car 42
Description: envy hidden

empty kitchen 56
Interpretation of the dream: something you really miss