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Blackout. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream blackout. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

blackout 14
Meaning of the dream: You are stopping something important in life

obscuration of the sun 66
Description: bad period

darkening of the moon 30
Interpretation of the dream: fortune

stack firewood 24
Translation: abundance

accept splitting firewood 88
Dream description: contrasts

accepts route 10
Meaning: sad days

muriatic acid 3
Translation of the dream: gain

buy firewood 1
Interpretation: intolerance

charge a fault 23
Sense of the dream: expenses advantageous

tame parrots 37
What does it mean: gossip of neighbors

bundle firewood 12
Meaning of the dream: luck in business

bundle twigs 54
Description: delays news

smoked sausages 56
Interpretation of the dream: tranquility

teach parrots 37
Translation: gossip of neighbors

amassing wood 13
Dream description: disloyalty of friends

atone for their mistakes 47
Meaning: happiness in love

Amulet of wood 64
Translation of the dream: events pleased

salty eel 90
Interpretation: adaptability required in family

kite rises 58
Sense of the dream: faithfulness in love

wooden balustrade 19
What does it mean: economic well-being

woodcock 73
Meaning of the dream: moral conquests

woodcock in flight 39
Description: moral conquests

wounded woodcock 42
Interpretation of the dream: mental laziness

dead woodcock 70
Translation: unscrupulousness

woodcock hatching 38
Dream description: notoriety and prestige

woodcock cooked 31
Meaning: jealousies and intrigues

woodcock in the nest 6
Translation of the dream: ties secrets

woodcock in the cage 13
Interpretation: pulses to curb

plucking the woodcock 60
Sense of the dream: lack of reflection

kill the woodcock 38
What does it mean: compromises dangerous

sell the woodcock 82
Meaning of the dream: emotional disturbances

buy the woodcock 75
Description: torments and doubts

parrot beak 61
Interpretation of the dream: patient work

cut the forest 7
Translation: confusion

armful of wood 24
Dream description: inspirations for intellectual work

wood embers 73
Meaning: concerns in love

salty broth 1
Translation of the dream: concrete achievements

burn wood 8
Interpretation: vivacity of ideas

wooden puppet 16
Sense of the dream: cheerfulness justified

bust wooden 67
What does it mean: physical endurance

axle wood 18
Meaning of the dream: long letter coming

wooden shack 87
Description: joy

meet with a lumberjack 63
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

slaked lime 51
Translation: authorities conquered

fireplace with firewood 3
Dream description: increase vitality

erase with the rubber 77
Meaning: insecurity in love

erase with the pen 40
Translation of the dream: indulgence of relatives

delete from memory 26
Interpretation: understanding from superiors

wooden gate 83
Sense of the dream: projects pleasant

unlit candle 7
What does it mean: joy in the family

wooden candlestick 42
Meaning of the dream: challenging decisions

kennel wood 15
Description: strength of character

cellar with wood 87
Interpretation of the dream: spontaneity criticized

coalman 7
Translation: important decisions

coal unloading 77
Dream description: postponement of projects

charcoal with sacks on their shoulders 59
Meaning: unusual happenings

coal selling 10
Translation of the dream: intense movement