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Black sweat stink. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream black sweat stink. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

stink 9
Meaning of the dream: not supported by your environment

Wine stink 12
Description: joy short-lived

stink pipe 11
Interpretation of the dream: optimism and serenity

to sweat 30
Translation: next disease

sweat 40
Dream description: next disease

wipe the sweat 31
Meaning: serenity fictitious

smell of sweat 36
Translation of the dream: health threat

sweat hot 76
Interpretation: thwarted love

sweat for a run 75
Sense of the dream: excessive pride

sweat of fear 63
What does it mean: deceptive appearances

cold sweat 34
Meaning of the dream: resentment useless

sweat winter 90
Description: heartbreak

wet with sweat 78

toil with sweat 32

dripping with sweat 42

sweat drying 41

handkerchief to wipe away the sweat 53
Translation of the dream: await anxieties

bad smell of sweat 17
Interpretation: health hazard

black dress 73
Sense of the dream: sorrows

black berries 45
What does it mean: health disorders

black beard 14
Meaning of the dream: drop heavy responsibility

black ox 74
Description: malice of neighbors

ox black 54
Interpretation of the dream: dislikes

black sideburns 81
Translation: six bully

black stocking 9
Dream description: bad speculations

black Dog 13
Meaning: betrayal of friends

black goat 22
Translation of the dream: ties in danger

black horse 18
Interpretation: risky business

black cabbage 21
Sense of the dream: to clarify misunderstandings

black wax 10
What does it mean: sense of duty

black lashes 27
Meaning of the dream: risky business

black Swan 35
Description: burdensome responsibility

black colour 62
Interpretation of the dream: illness in the family

black rabbit 45
Translation: disagreement with a friend

Black cotton 10
Dream description: hidden enemies

black tie 50
Meaning: waivers necessary

black bonnet 63
Translation of the dream: bad reputation

black goats 27
Interpretation: brief illness or minor success

black cardboard 88
Sense of the dream: death of an animal to which you are fond

black ghost 15
What does it mean: economic hardship

black wire 55
Meaning of the dream: aggressive intentions

black cat 81
Description: sad omen

black apron 20
Interpretation of the dream: deceptions hidden

see their family in black 51
Translation: misery

black smoke 31
Dream description: bad omen

black pencil 8
Meaning: prudence in confiding

see a black man 47
Translation of the dream: some contrast passenger

black olives 12
Interpretation: embarrassing reports

black umbrella 63
Sense of the dream: referrals required

black bear 63
What does it mean: contempt of danger

black waistcoat 18
Meaning of the dream: misgivings

black cloth 88
Description: contrasts with friends

black wig 43
Interpretation of the dream: little practical sense

black sheep 63
Translation: new problems to deal with patience

hair black 7
Dream description: contacts to resume

black leather 85
Meaning: emotional complications

black fur 38
Translation of the dream: daring proposals

black planet 9
Interpretation: changes inadvisable

black feathers 80
Sense of the dream: danger of leakage

black cope 58
What does it mean: challenges to overcome

black precipice 26
Meaning of the dream: danger of missteps

color black 32
Description: sadness

black clouds 2
Interpretation of the dream: concerns

black satin 72
Translation: dissimulation

black race 20
Dream description: anxiety

black yarn 25
Meaning: rules to be respected

black sand 63
Translation of the dream: anger and tears

black shoes 81
Interpretation: profitable activities

black scarf 11
Sense of the dream: unforeseen expenses

black silk 74
What does it mean: excessive emotionality

spectrum in black 18
Meaning of the dream: bitterness

black strings 66
Description: sick passenger

do or see a black pudding 4
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction

black earth 14
Translation: melancholy and depression

black gown 78
Dream description: depression and exhaustion

black braid 40
Meaning: success in new businesses

man in black 12
Translation of the dream: loss of property