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Black spider receded. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream black spider receded. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dead spider 61
Meaning of the dream: victory over an enemy

spider crushed 76
Description: inability to deal with problems

spider 88
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels, discussions

cobweb with the spider 30
Translation: danger of exploitation

spider on him 11
Dream description: selfish concerns

spider weaving 84
Meaning: hidden enemies

spider on the ceiling 36
Translation of the dream: Successes and personal satisfaction

spider on the wall 83
Interpretation: important letters

spider in the bed 39
Sense of the dream: intransigence exaggerated

Spider day 39
What does it mean: trouble with superiors

spider at night 18
Meaning of the dream: money coming

spider leg 44
Description: obstinacy and stubbornness

Spider sea 81
Interpretation of the dream: spiritual understanding

spider that takes flies 40
Translation: unpleasant mishaps

crush a spider 62
Dream description: serenity of spirit

see a spider 76
Meaning: mental laziness

spider that makes the canvas 67
Translation of the dream: momentary satisfaction

spider catching flies 9
Interpretation: success happy and great satisfaction

water spider 38
Sense of the dream: critical moments

black goat 22
What does it mean: ties in danger

black smoke 31
Meaning of the dream: bad omen

black bowl 24
Description: gain that fades

spiderman 59
Interpretation of the dream: try to put a strain on your body

black colour 62
Translation: illness in the family

black typeface 22
Dream description: look elsewhere to vent your frenzy

black wire 55
Meaning: aggressive intentions

black cardboard 88
Translation of the dream: death of an animal to which you are fond

black Sea 54
Interpretation: trip likely

black bottle 43
Sense of the dream: broadmindedness

black tie 50
What does it mean: waivers necessary

black wig 43
Meaning of the dream: little practical sense

black earth 14
Description: melancholy and depression

black stocking 9
Interpretation of the dream: bad speculations

black muslin 10
Translation: sign of wealth and honor

black silk 74
Dream description: excessive emotionality

black ink 52
Meaning: offense

black rabbit 45
Translation of the dream: disagreement with a friend

black waistcoat 18
Interpretation: misgivings

black eel 32
Sense of the dream: It torments you something you did immoral

black velvet 33
What does it mean: secret love

pike black 8
Meaning of the dream: personal associations and relationships

black blouse 48
Description: trouble in a major project

black Corsair 77
Interpretation of the dream: you want to be independent

black coral 12
Translation: character punctilious

match black 50
Dream description: brisk business

Cheetah black 69
Meaning: You have been repressing too much

gallon black 62
Translation of the dream: thou shalt triumph of your enemies

sealing wax black 41
Interpretation: mistaken beliefs

black cherry jam 27
Sense of the dream: take better care of yourself

black Swan 35
What does it mean: burdensome responsibility

black flag 59
Meaning of the dream: character influenced

black fur 38
Description: daring proposals

black balsam 29
Interpretation of the dream: false

spider mite 15
Translation: disruptions in family

black tar 2
Dream description: good health

black figs 90
Meaning: Accept envy