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Black oil machine. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream black oil machine. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

machine 17
Meaning of the dream: adjusted life

away with the machine 39

approach with the machine 7
Interpretation of the dream: unnecessary waiting

aide machine 9
Translation: change of ideas

belt machine 49
Dream description: short trip

copy machine 45
Meaning: difficult days

spinning machine 24
Translation of the dream: great tenacity in effort

washing machine 48
Interpretation: indiscretion many descendants

calculator machine 12
Sense of the dream: seriousness of purpose

sewing machine 40
What does it mean: exaggerated ambition

typographic machine 54
Meaning of the dream: refund money

electric machine 38
Description: thwarted love

hemming machine 61
Interpretation of the dream: meetings challenging

handling any machine 53
Translation: authority over your subordinates

radiator machine 31
Dream description: new facts

disassemble a machine 62
Meaning: Excessive passion

mowing with the machine 44
Translation of the dream: revelation useful for work

turn on a machine 70

burning machine 21

water machine 28

air machine 68

film machine 54

rowing machine 70

vending machine 20

marring machine 76

machine gunner 12

pedal machine 50

start an engine or a machine 53
Interpretation: Useful Buying

machine gun (rifle) 29
Sense of the dream: clashes with family

machine gun discharge 23
What does it mean: thwarted love

machine gun that fires 63

broken machine gun 65

be afraid of the rattling of machine guns 48
Interpretation of the dream: luck in love

keep oil 58
Translation: weighting and security

oil 8
Dream description: for a farmer, there will be abundant fruit and put in camps, for others, well-being and good fortune

oil well 89
Meaning: grandiose desires

black dress 73
Translation of the dream: sorrows

black berries 45
Interpretation: health disorders

black beard 14
Sense of the dream: drop heavy responsibility

black ox 74
What does it mean: malice of neighbors

ox black 54
Meaning of the dream: dislikes

black sideburns 81
Description: six bully

black stocking 9
Interpretation of the dream: bad speculations

black Dog 13
Translation: betrayal of friends

black goat 22
Dream description: ties in danger

black horse 18
Meaning: risky business

black cabbage 21
Translation of the dream: to clarify misunderstandings

black wax 10
Interpretation: sense of duty

black lashes 27
Sense of the dream: risky business

black Swan 35
What does it mean: burdensome responsibility

black colour 62
Meaning of the dream: illness in the family

black rabbit 45
Description: disagreement with a friend

Black cotton 10
Interpretation of the dream: hidden enemies

black tie 50
Translation: waivers necessary

black bonnet 63
Dream description: bad reputation

black goats 27
Meaning: brief illness or minor success

black cardboard 88
Translation of the dream: death of an animal to which you are fond

black ghost 15
Interpretation: economic hardship

black wire 55
Sense of the dream: aggressive intentions

black cat 81
What does it mean: sad omen

black apron 20
Meaning of the dream: deceptions hidden

see their family in black 51
Description: misery

black smoke 31
Interpretation of the dream: bad omen

black pencil 8
Translation: prudence in confiding

see a black man 47
Dream description: some contrast passenger

black olives 12
Meaning: embarrassing reports

black umbrella 63
Translation of the dream: referrals required

black bear 63
Interpretation: contempt of danger

black waistcoat 18
Sense of the dream: misgivings

black cloth 88
What does it mean: contrasts with friends

black wig 43
Meaning of the dream: little practical sense

black sheep 63
Description: new problems to deal with patience

hair black 7
Interpretation of the dream: contacts to resume

black leather 85
Translation: emotional complications

black fur 38
Dream description: daring proposals

black planet 9
Meaning: changes inadvisable

black feathers 80
Translation of the dream: danger of leakage