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Black cardboard box. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream black cardboard box. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

carton box 50
Meaning of the dream: reckless speculation

black cardboard 88
Description: death of an animal to which you are fond

cardboard frame 3
Interpretation of the dream: initiatives sentimental

calender cardboard 32
Translation: dangerous friendships

cardboard cutouts 80
Dream description: dissatisfaction and pride

cardboard house 86
Meaning: economic insecurity

cardboard roll 8
Translation of the dream: victory over an enemy

cardboard folder 31
Interpretation: adaptation to the environment

cardboard cover 70
Sense of the dream: urgent problem to be solved

corrugated cardboard 55
What does it mean: deception

old cardboard 87
Meaning of the dream: aid of an elderly

food black and hard 42
Description: loss, wrath

black ox 74
Interpretation of the dream: malice of neighbors

gold box 11
Translation: new friendships

box 8
Dream description: you will be left last

glass box 32
Meaning: secret relations

box of pens 4
Translation of the dream: reckless appreciations

black planet 9
Interpretation: changes inadvisable

wooden box 70
Sense of the dream: extravagant actions

dress in black 15
What does it mean: difficulties and pessimism

black hank 53
Meaning of the dream: gossip does not collect

cardboard 28
Description: good friends

box of face powder 70
Interpretation of the dream: feelings thwarted

black horse 18
Translation: risky business

black tape 62
Dream description: Chaste and severe life

black eel 32
Meaning: It torments you something you did immoral

black chapel 28
Translation of the dream: Health Concerns

black leather 85
Interpretation: emotional complications

black duck 30
Sense of the dream: very tense period and negative

Black cotton 10
What does it mean: hidden enemies

pike black 8
Meaning of the dream: personal associations and relationships

black cloth 88
Description: contrasts with friends

silver box 5
Interpretation of the dream: uncertain business

match black 50
Translation: brisk business

black muslin 10
Dream description: sign of wealth and honor

box of candy 57
Meaning: concerns falling

Cheetah black 69
Translation of the dream: You have been repressing too much

black satin 72
Interpretation: dissimulation

box of pads 18
Sense of the dream: selfish concerns

sealing wax black 41
What does it mean: mistaken beliefs

black gecko 1
Meaning of the dream: expectations for conclusions slow in coming

gallon black 62
Description: thou shalt triumph of your enemies

black jaguar 66
Interpretation of the dream: you are repressing your feelings

black Corsair 77
Translation: you want to be independent

spectrum in black 18
Dream description: bitterness

black tar 2
Meaning: good health

chromatin black 64
Translation of the dream: challenges to overcome

black cabbage 21
Interpretation: to clarify misunderstandings

black bowl 24
Sense of the dream: gain that fades

litter box 6
What does it mean: new ideas

black colour 62
Meaning of the dream: illness in the family

little black book 57
Description: fear of being discovered information

riding a black horse 85
Interpretation of the dream: Proposals to control