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Black body. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream black body. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

scratching the body 87
Meaning of the dream: dissatisfaction and insecurity

rub the body 67
Description: next fight or treason

body 32
Interpretation of the dream: your level of self-esteem

medium body 20
Translation: tough business

hurt the body 24
Dream description: unfastened, too diffident

wrap the body 59
Meaning: health concerns

lathering the body 69
Translation of the dream: good health

X-ray body 7
Interpretation: external protection

big body 9
Sense of the dream: Understanding sentimental

small body 2
What does it mean: hidden enemies

holy body 80
Meaning of the dream: concerns inevitable

good body 25
Description: positive period

wiggle the body 81
Interpretation of the dream: concerns passing

articulate the body 65
Translation: good omen

full body 20
Dream description: brilliant success

body needs 71
Meaning: dangerous actions

black coat 55
Translation of the dream: do not overlook the small if you want to become great

powder her body 76
Interpretation: contrasts exceeded

exhume body 7
Sense of the dream: success in difficult issues

have the body covered with maggots 76
What does it mean: great riches

black velvet 33
Meaning of the dream: secret love

have the body covered with sores 80
Description: great riches

black Swan 35
Interpretation of the dream: burdensome responsibility

leech attached to the body 78
Translation: Reports insincere

black stocking 9
Dream description: bad speculations

black bowl 24
Meaning: gain that fades

black muslin 10
Translation of the dream: sign of wealth and honor

military body 35
Interpretation: to avoid speculation

freezing the body 57
Sense of the dream: rebellions unnecessary

see a black man 47
What does it mean: some contrast passenger

black hank 53
Meaning of the dream: gossip does not collect

chromatin black 64
Description: challenges to overcome

bruise on the body 68
Interpretation of the dream: serious problems

sealing wax black 41
Translation: mistaken beliefs

black bear 63
Dream description: contempt of danger

body of a child 19
Meaning: duties to perform

gall spread in the body 3
Translation of the dream: anger against domestic quarrels in the family, loss in the game, for the attack of thieves

black silk 74
Interpretation: excessive emotionality

hired a body 76
Sense of the dream: agitated life

black horse 18
What does it mean: risky business

black bonnet 63
Meaning of the dream: bad reputation

black scarf 11
Description: unforeseen expenses

black Sea 54
Interpretation of the dream: trip likely

black eel 32
Translation: It torments you something you did immoral

black colour 62
Dream description: illness in the family

pike black 8
Meaning: personal associations and relationships

black robe 32
Translation of the dream: need for choice

black pencil 8
Interpretation: prudence in confiding

black leather 85
Sense of the dream: emotional complications

religious body 21
What does it mean: You want to escape from everyday life

black jaguar 66
Meaning of the dream: you are repressing your feelings

black goat 22
Description: ties in danger