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Black and white blanket. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream black and white blanket. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

white blanket 72
Meaning of the dream: calm and balance

blanket 40
Description: warmth, love, security and protection

clean blanket 38
Interpretation of the dream: indolence and laziness

dirty blanket 61
Translation: pride

colorful blanket 5
Dream description: desire for love

spread a blanket 90
Meaning: great ideas

wool blanket 9
Translation of the dream: solution of a deal

tattered blanket 87
Interpretation: sentimental conquests

black and white photography 42
Sense of the dream: laziness deplorable

cotton blanket 44
What does it mean: enthusiasm for work

silk blanket 63
Meaning of the dream: ambition fulfilled

travel blanket 42
Description: You have regrets of the past

cover themselves with a blanket 28
Interpretation of the dream: insecurity

black bonnet 63
Translation: bad reputation

white coat 42
Dream description: discontent and boredom

white jag 34
Meaning: sexual desire

black ox 74
Translation of the dream: malice of neighbors

skein white 10
Interpretation: that appearances are deceiving

wax white 85
Sense of the dream: reckless exuberance

food black and hard 42
What does it mean: loss, wrath

black cloth 88
Meaning of the dream: contrasts with friends

black duck 30
Description: very tense period and negative

dress in black 15
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties and pessimism

ox white 77
Translation: money well earned

white chromatin 57
Dream description: stimulating activities

white oil 26
Meaning: writings and news coming

black hank 53
Translation of the dream: gossip does not collect

black sunroof 80
Interpretation: sure intuition

black gecko 1
Sense of the dream: expectations for conclusions slow in coming

mat white 80
What does it mean: new hope

fig white 10
Meaning of the dream: dissatisfactions at work

spectrum in black 18
Description: bitterness

White wine 22
Interpretation of the dream: friendships valid

chromatin black 64
Translation: challenges to overcome

black tar 2
Dream description: good health

white soap 28
Meaning: economic improvements

white eel 28
Translation of the dream: profitable venture

white ceiling 12
Interpretation: love affairs

leather white 1
Sense of the dream: bitter experience

remnant white 84
What does it mean: incoming letter

cod in white 67
Meaning of the dream: excellent earnings

apparatus white 79
Description: poor relations

black yarn 25
Interpretation of the dream: rules to be respected

cluster white 25
Translation: good news soon

salad white 72
Dream description: business difficult to solve

white ghost 90
Meaning: extra earnings

white chickpea 8
Translation of the dream: inner insecurity

grain white 87
Interpretation: you want to win at all costs a challenge

eat in white 58
Sense of the dream: difficulties that do not know how to overcome

white frame 77
What does it mean: secret aspirations

root white 29
Meaning of the dream: lucky fate

corsage white 82
Description: joys sentimental

white jasmine 25
Interpretation of the dream: happy hours and serene

Jaguar white 17
Translation: changes underway