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Biting a boat. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream biting a boat. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

eel biting 20
Meaning of the dream: imprudent purchases

hound biting 46
Description: broken promises

boar biting 18
Interpretation of the dream: betrayal foil

biting criticism 62
Translation: pride and pride

biting her fingers 86
Dream description: sorrows of love

biting fruit 55
Meaning: tact and diplomacy

biting a person 72
Translation of the dream: lies and gossip

monkey biting 8
Interpretation: inability to adapt

nail biting 49
Sense of the dream: insecurity and mistrust

biting insects 90
What does it mean: People irritating

biting quip 54

hydrophobic biting 56

biting her lover 12
Interpretation of the dream: desire for domination and possession

biting her lip 48

gecko biting 7
Dream description: people who will speak ill of you

Great Dane biting 4
Meaning: sorrows passing

biting red lips 87
Translation of the dream: repentance

Giraffe aggressive biting 66
Interpretation: thorny situation that you can not solve

boat 17
Sense of the dream: ability to cope with and express their emotions

approach by boat 17
What does it mean: scarce possibilities

fishing boat 90
Meaning of the dream: excitement exaggerated

big boat 47
Description: intransigence in love

small boat 17
Interpretation of the dream: Excessive pedantry

boat aground 77
Translation: lack of willingness

empty boat 24
Dream description: remorse justified

boat with people 3
Meaning: susceptibility excessive

boat on the lake 53
Translation of the dream: to avoid provocations

boat on the sea 69
Interpretation: unjustified jealousy

boat on the river 46
Sense of the dream: stubbornness dangerous

sinking boat 9
What does it mean: sacrifices required

ship or boat 53
Meaning of the dream: visits of close friends

boat sailing 28
Description: impossible love

boat sank 61
Interpretation of the dream: financial damage

Boat Fishing 89
Translation: emotional character

boat with passengers 34
Dream description: new resources

buy a boat 17
Meaning: luck in business

sell a boat 43
Translation of the dream: stubbornness and obstinacy

boatman on boat 74
Interpretation: various dangers

rowing boat 32
Sense of the dream: Romantic nostalgia

boat motor 78
What does it mean: quarrelsome

boat sinking 72
Meaning of the dream: melancholy and pessimism

boat damaged 19
Description: dreams come true

miss the boat 54
Interpretation of the dream: lightness in action

party boat 60
Translation: negotiations and agreements

building a boat 51
Dream description: great love

boat trip 68
Meaning: unexpected visits

rock the boat 52
Translation of the dream: luck changing

night boat 32
Interpretation: love of solitude