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Bird wings in flight. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bird wings in flight. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bird wings in flight 24
Meaning of the dream: deception female

wings of a bird shot down 41
Description: broken promise

birds in flight 37
Interpretation of the dream: great success

wings 76
Translation: deception female

wings goose 9
Dream description: jewels

wings hat 17
Meaning: heartbreak

flight of birds 36
Translation of the dream: lucky shot

have wings 15
Interpretation: bad period

wing bird 24

eagle wings 61
What does it mean: danger foiled

have wings and fly 66
Meaning of the dream: luck

flight 26
Description: sense of freedom

bird hit the wing and shot down 41
Interpretation of the dream: you have missed or will miss a promise

crane bird 35
Translation: Instead of solving problems, it escapes

big bird 39
Dream description: great fortune

wings army 47
Meaning: litigation

catch a bird 33
Translation of the dream: next trip

feeding a bird 47
Interpretation: You go in company

airplane wings 12
Sense of the dream: novelty

Angel Wings 16
What does it mean: change of luck

woodcock in flight 39
Meaning of the dream: moral conquests

crows in flight 28
Description: danger on the road, for the person toward which are directed

swarm in flight 65
Interpretation of the dream: joy from love

small bird 16
Translation: freedom and carefree

wings of pigeon 16
Dream description: treachery

aircraft in flight 5
Meaning: new forces

owl (bird) 31
Translation of the dream: next aid

albatross (bird) 64
Interpretation: Good news from far off place

dragonfly in flight 59
Sense of the dream: Good news

bird's beak 88

bittern (bird) 10
Meaning of the dream: thoughts, disgust

aviator in flight 8

biplane in flight 51
Interpretation of the dream: demonstrations of loyalty

eat a bittern (bird) 10
Translation: amorous intrigues, incurable disease

kill a bittern (bird) 21
Dream description: satisfaction

siskin (bird) 57
Meaning: your life dissipated harms your reputation

pilot of an aircraft in flight uniform 41
Translation of the dream: many dreams that will come true

cupid with wings 69

ants with wings 50
Sense of the dream: negligence in work

35 - Smorfia classic: small bird 35

decoy bird 81
Meaning of the dream: you will fall into a trap

Flight of the Eagle 60
Description: fear of novelty

It is transformed into a bird 57
Interpretation of the dream: moving house

hell with spread wings 12
Translation: despair

winged birds 36

flight of swallows 18
Meaning: unforeseen novelty

rapacious bird 18
Translation of the dream: physical weakness

flight of seagulls 52
Interpretation: reckless actions

bird feather 59
Sense of the dream: confusion and indecision

water bird 16
What does it mean: misfortune

first flight 32
Meaning of the dream: assiduity in work

petrel (Storm Bird) 1
Description: dangerous trip

Goldfinch flying 51
Interpretation of the dream: new sympathies

nightingale flying 45
Translation: inconstant love

airplane in flight 8
Dream description: punishment undeserved