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Bike on the stairs. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bike on the stairs. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

get on your bike 33
Meaning of the dream: novelty worrying

get off your bike 72
Description: strained relations

racing bike 25
Interpretation of the dream: need for independence

children's bike 12
Translation: devout resignation

run in bike 14
Dream description: minor damage

guard bike 26
Meaning: concerns that dissolve

repair the bike 44
Translation of the dream: susceptibility and lack of reflection

patrol bike 26
Interpretation: solitary character

skid with the bike 38
Sense of the dream: meta inaccessible

paint the bike 61
What does it mean: resentment useless

Abbess bike 65

exercise bike 79
Description: next few problems at work

down the stairs 3
Interpretation of the dream: excruciating pains

see someone under the stairs 34
Translation: unjustly suspected of a person

fall down stairs 73
Dream description: dangerous hazards

prison with stairs 41
Meaning: claiming entitlement

stumbling on the stairs 62
Translation of the dream: unmet expectations

precipitate from the stairs 4
Interpretation: insincere friendships and envious

flight of stairs 12
Sense of the dream: aspirations

roll down stairs 22
What does it mean: mild illness

internal stairs 71
Meaning of the dream: agreement with the family

fling down the stairs 2
Description: danger of separation

slip on the stairs 9
Interpretation of the dream: failure of projects

fuck the stairs 22
Translation: unexpected gain

sweep the stairs 90
Dream description: adventurous spirit

jump from the stairs 64

tumbling from stairs 31

staircase theater 16
Interpretation: tough business

climb a staircase 50
Sense of the dream: successful projects

marble staircase 40
What does it mean: personal success

wooden staircase 8
Meaning of the dream: serene period

spiral staircase 19
Description: Progress slow but sure

secret staircase 73
Interpretation of the dream: evidence of affection

double staircase 22
Translation: unexpected conclusion

external staircase 43
Dream description: serenity of spirit

narrow staircase 15
Meaning: evidence of trust

dark staircase 38
Translation of the dream: initiatives hampered

illuminated staircase 11
Interpretation: new hope

steep stair 86
Sense of the dream: clarification difficult

staircase of a mansion 76
What does it mean: delusions of grandeur

staircase with statues 28
Meaning of the dream: lively imagination

staircase with balustrade 32
Description: intrigue hidden

staircase with plants 21
Interpretation of the dream: supports important

staircase with servants 10
Translation: patiently waiting

staircase with torches 14
Dream description: unstable relationships

Go upstairs 68
Meaning: selfconfidence

fall from a staircase 65
Translation of the dream: willingness weak