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Bike circus. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bike circus. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

get on your bike 33
Meaning of the dream: novelty worrying

get off your bike 72
Description: strained relations

racing bike 25
Interpretation of the dream: need for independence

children's bike 12
Translation: devout resignation

run in bike 14
Dream description: minor damage

guard bike 26
Meaning: concerns that dissolve

repair the bike 44
Translation of the dream: susceptibility and lack of reflection

patrol bike 26
Interpretation: solitary character

skid with the bike 38
Sense of the dream: meta inaccessible

paint the bike 61
What does it mean: resentment useless

Abbess bike 65

exercise bike 79
Description: next few problems at work

circus 36
Interpretation of the dream: failure of projects

walking a circus 77
Translation: momentary joys

circus sideshow 7
Dream description: retirement from active life and affairs,

equestrian circus 26
Meaning: failure of projects

circus with acrobats 10
Translation of the dream: suffering transient

circus with clowns 69
Interpretation: Dangerous Liaisons

circus with horses 16
Sense of the dream: New contracts

full circus 40
What does it mean: proposals to accept


circus empty 11
Meaning of the dream: resolutions postponed

circus on fire 50
Description: dissensions for interest

tamer at the circus 8
Interpretation of the dream: need saving

elephant at the circus 82
Translation: challenging journey

balancer in the circus 51
Dream description: curiosity satisfied

acrobat in the circus 32
Meaning: lack of confidence

circus with animals 85

Clown at the Circus 67

circus with wild animals 85
Sense of the dream: heavy commitments

circulating library 68
What does it mean: ingratitude from friends

circumvent 73
Meaning of the dream: uncontrolled impulses

circumvent a man 80
Description: uncontrolled impulses

circumvent a woman 12
Interpretation of the dream: adverse change

circumvent an old 86
Translation: reckless conduct

circumvent a disabled 37
Dream description: that appearances are deceiving

issue a circular 4
Meaning: conclusions business positive

circular saw 40
Translation of the dream: disputes with colleagues

accommodate bikes 39

circular letter 39

circular rejected 56

circular receipt 74

circular mailed 56

printed circular 82

swelling of bikes 65

circumlocutions 20

blood circulation 21

circulation of money 25

circulation of news 33

interrupted circulation 69

prohibited circulation 32

bitter circumstance 76

curious circumstance 8

unforeseen circumstance 82

sad circumstance 34

circumvent falsely 74

circumvent by force 38

circumvent a convent 45

circumvent a theater 66
Interpretation: attention to your property

circumvent a house 73

circumvent a church 2

circuit 46

circuit from a building 52