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Big warm hand. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream big warm hand. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

right hand 59
Meaning of the dream: tests friendship

crippled hand 55
Description: reserve and prudence

lace hand 85
Interpretation of the dream: strength of character

left hand 65
Translation: betrayal of love

spinning hand 44
Dream description: minor glitches

big church 53
Meaning: consolation and joy

big medal 89
Translation of the dream: dangerous temptations

hand sick 78
Interpretation: You go very cautious in your decisions

dead hand 88
Sense of the dream: uncertainties about the future

Hand shot 12
What does it mean: indecision and reticence

figuratively hand 64
Meaning of the dream: fortune

rapacious hand 76
Description: regret for things lost

big hat 18
Interpretation of the dream: receipts of money

smash hand 33
Translation: imbalance of will

burned a hand 10
Dream description: excessive dynamism

hand of the dead 17
Meaning: very endangered by powerful enemies

kiss the hand 55
Translation of the dream: revenge on opposition

wrap a hand 25
Interpretation: Excessive fantasy

hand finger 27
Sense of the dream: good health

big square 13
What does it mean: organizational capacity

big chainsaw 55
Meaning of the dream: you misbehavior

big city 63
Description: new experiences

cut a hand 50
Interpretation of the dream: actions inconclusive

big room 64
Translation: statement in family

hand abutment 55
Dream description: prejudices

5 - Smorfia classic: Hand 5

hand cart 29
Translation of the dream: projects not to return

personality big fish 33
Interpretation: You do a very important conquest

recommended hand 80
Sense of the dream: happiness contrasted

hand drill 22
What does it mean: agitation and extravagance

copy by hand 47
Meaning of the dream: financial mess

amputate a hand 71
Description: labors useless

withdraw your hand 39
Interpretation of the dream: uncertainty and hesitation

injury to a hand 5
Translation: actions inconclusive

to raise the hand 55
Dream description: of tempting job offers

give a hand 5
Meaning: proposals for cooperation

hold by the hand 21
Translation of the dream: new relationships

shearing in hand 80
Interpretation: Luckily the game

dislocate a hand 41
Sense of the dream: vacillating resolutions

Remove bandage to a hand 56
What does it mean: difficult circumstances

Firefly in hand 27
Meaning of the dream: do not miss an opportunity positive

big lake 60
Description: correspondence interesting

large clock 87
Interpretation of the dream: decline of luck

big Love 25
Translation: revenge satisfied

large apartment 21
Dream description: discord in the family

large family 75
Meaning: important protections

hand-warmer 3
Translation of the dream: idealism accentuated

large kitchen 17
Interpretation: days in a bad mood

large picture window 80
Sense of the dream: spiritual understanding

hand saw 18
What does it mean: Gift incoming

hand frame 43
Meaning of the dream: Rise safe

indicating with his hand 8
Description: discontent in family

X-rays on his hand 68
Interpretation of the dream: decisive changes

hemming by hand 2
Translation: economic benefits

bladder on a hand 24
Dream description: irritation and nervousness

large sculpture 17
Meaning: lack of enthusiasm

big loss 6
Translation of the dream: awards in the work

take a bullet in the hand 81
Interpretation: you re not running any risk