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Big dogs docile. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream big dogs docile. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

many big dogs 8
Meaning of the dream: enemies

big breasts 5
Description: projects that are realized

strange dogs 72
Interpretation of the dream: hidden enemies

big calves 50
Translation: quiet serenity

Dogs that bite 24
Dream description: various ailments

big eyes 35
Meaning: pleasant adventure

tame dogs 12
Translation of the dream: marital fidelity

neuter dogs 44
Interpretation: news from a letter

unleashing dogs 24
Sense of the dream: fear and fighting

mow dogs 76
What does it mean: avarice

petting dogs 70
Meaning of the dream: various dangers

loose the dogs 18
Description: difficulty passing

ensnare dogs 8
Interpretation of the dream: some situation of the past haunts you

slay dogs 19
Translation: unexpected surprises

big ears 90
Dream description: unhappy passion

fray dogs 15
Meaning: dangerous business

large plates 24
Translation of the dream: fanaticism momentary

fending off dogs 13
Interpretation: seriousness of purpose

domesticate dogs 4
Sense of the dream: marital fidelity

barking dogs 43
What does it mean: sorrows

pack of dogs 6
Meaning of the dream: new openings in love

bet on dogs 49
Description: optimism

dogs drool 6
Interpretation of the dream: unnecessary fears

tax on dogs 85
Translation: marital fidelity

dogs known to your friends 46
Dream description: loyalty and courage

dogs who are fighting 7
Meaning: pitfall nearby

harassment by dogs 60
Translation of the dream: harassment of enemies

feed dogs 32
Interpretation: Issues that are fixed

large testicles 70
Sense of the dream: economic security

racing dogs 36
What does it mean: freedom of decision

joke of dogs 88
Meaning of the dream: War near and enlistments

large scissors 45
Description: never trust placed

pair of dogs 4
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected aid

kennel with dogs 33
Translation: energy and boldness

Many small dogs 6
Dream description: good friends

Hunter with dogs 60
Meaning: jealousy justified

playing with dogs 48
Translation of the dream: greed

large pots and empty 33
Interpretation: useful meetings

large pots and full 55
Sense of the dream: a woman loves you

large beans 35
What does it mean: the deception of women

large pupils 12
Meaning of the dream: obstacles in love

big scissors Tailor 18
Description: await new experiences

large potatoes 17
Interpretation of the dream: return of money

being courted by big 53
Translation: misery, persecution

cats and dogs 65
Dream description: dispute, contradiction

broken big scissors 60
Meaning: rectitude

property of large gardens or orchards 45
Translation of the dream: pleasure, happiness, health, wealth, family, honor in the family

catch big fish 33
Interpretation: joy and profit

more strong and big hips 5
Sense of the dream: good health

being persecuted by large 6
What does it mean: honor, dignity

large print 27
Meaning of the dream: unpleasant tasks

big portion 44
Description: hard time

personality big fish 33
Interpretation of the dream: You do a very important conquest