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Berry wheat. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream berry wheat. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

orange berry 20

berry grape 90

wheat 18
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity

whole wheat 83

threshing wheat 68
Dream description: profitable business

wheat starch 6
Meaning: support from friends

amass wheat 36
Translation of the dream: benevolent people

famine wheat 77
Interpretation: deceptions hidden

sheaf of wheat 9
Sense of the dream: prosperity and well-being

mow wheat 17
What does it mean: good prospects

wheat flour 24
Meaning of the dream: abundance and wealth

green wheat 64
Description: remarkable progress

wheat sheaves 42
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity and success

wheat threshing 15
Translation: affections safe

ground wheat 34
Dream description: bright future

wheat, grain 68
Meaning: money

draw wheat from something 46
Translation of the dream: disease

harvest wheat 4
Interpretation: Progress slow but sure

wheat crop 10
Sense of the dream: progress with work

cut wheat 67
What does it mean: prosperity and well-being

bag of wheat 41
Meaning of the dream: greatest hits

plant wheat 25
Description: family welfare

thresh wheat 25
Interpretation of the dream: great fortune

baked with wheat 47

wheat riddled 20

uncooked wheat 84

wheat plant it 4

wheat planting 54

wheat Sicilian 19

wheat board 76

import wheat 57

bagged wheat 36

mills wheat 69

ear of wheat 22

wheat field 42

wheat battering 16

cleanse wheat 66

wheat screenings 42

miller with wheat 76

wheat with Straight Shank 23
What does it mean: money or angling to profit

eat bread wheat 15
Meaning of the dream: loss to the poor; the rich gain

wheat grow in the ears 3
Description: good omen

berries 48
Interpretation of the dream: abundance

laurel berries 62
Translation: secret love

cypress berries 76
Dream description: to clarify misunderstandings

Juniper berries 90
Meaning: promises of improvement

red berries 79
Translation of the dream: great charm

black berries 45
Interpretation: health disorders

eat berries 38
Sense of the dream: slip interior

look for berries 33
What does it mean: increasing success

strawberry field 10
Meaning of the dream: balance conquered

garden strawberries 14
Description: carefree hours

wild strawberries 68
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties in work

Strawberries on the plant 59
Translation: windfall

strawberries in baskets 23
Dream description: protections equivocal

Strawberries in the pot 60
Meaning: tranquility and safety

ripe strawberries 35
Translation of the dream: good relations

unripe strawberries 50
Interpretation: unexpected complications

candied strawberries 11
Sense of the dream: successfully delayed

strawberries with cream 36
What does it mean: lack of objectivity

eat strawberries 48
Meaning of the dream: surprise from relatives

offer strawberries 78
Description: merry events

mulberry 16
Interpretation of the dream: great fortune

mulberry tree 25
Translation: great fortune

mulberry leaves 7
Dream description: ambition and success

leafless mulberry 48
Meaning: hopes dashed

strawberries 16
Translation of the dream: welfare

collect or eat strawberries 33
Interpretation: much joy

eat strawberry 29
Sense of the dream: some aspects of your character are immature

eating or picking strawberries 19
What does it mean: you will have a romance

elderberry liqueur 8
Meaning of the dream: sadness and loneliness

infusion of elderberry 29
Description: Good news

eating juniper berries 2
Interpretation of the dream: good wishes

pick berries 68
Translation: desire to accumulate

try many berries 28
Dream description: you always have to overcome obstacles

blueberry 42
Meaning: betrayal and deceit from friends or partner

pepper berries 1

raspberry drink 70

basket with strawberries 10

essence of strawberry 7

essence of cranberry 36

raspberry ice cream 75

Strawberry ice cream 2

mulberry growing 72

mulberry tree with fruits 5

dry mulberry 62

sweeten strawberries 52

raspberry 29

aberrational 42

blackberry preserves 14

barberry 58

strawberries with liqueur 60

Strawberry with sugar 34