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Believe more beautiful with elegant looks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream believe more beautiful with elegant looks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

believe more beautiful with elegant looks 21
Meaning of the dream: threatening illness or loss of property

elegant suitcase 31
Description: creative spirit

elegant carriage 88
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstandings and mishaps

elegant toilet 61
Translation: aid and protection

elegant reception 8
Dream description: quiet serenity

elegant lady 49
Meaning: emotion and passion

elegant tailoring 64
Translation of the dream: delays and mishaps

elegant meeting 61
Interpretation: moments of distress

elegant bra 68
Sense of the dream: assertion of power

elegant wedding 55
What does it mean: irresolute character

elegant dress 61
Meaning of the dream: tough win

elegant footwear 69
Description: honor from subordinates

elegant uniform 5
Interpretation of the dream: eventful life

be stylish 20
Translation: you re comfortable with the others

stylish cap 45
Dream description: slanders against you

believe 2
Meaning: changing mood

beautiful hairstyle 57
Translation of the dream: watch out, otherwise it happens misfortune

beautiful leg 50
Interpretation: quarrels with family

beautiful morning 17
Sense of the dream: overcome opposition

beautiful typist 5
What does it mean: economic concerns

feel beautiful 35
Meaning of the dream: guilt trip

beautiful winter storage 37
Description: melancholy and depression

fashionable hat 8
Interpretation of the dream: character lazy

be with her beautiful 10
Translation: temptation, pleasant pastime

beautiful man 50
Dream description: balance of mind

beautiful dream 27
Meaning: New Adventures

beautiful jar 51
Translation of the dream: gains with foreign

beautiful face 90
Interpretation: changing ideas

beautiful horse 54
Sense of the dream: tips to follow

ears small and beautiful 3
What does it mean: friendship, confidence, kindness on the part of a character

beautiful sight 36
Meaning of the dream: good agreement with friends

beautiful fairy 29
Description: originality of thought

beautiful girl 29
Interpretation of the dream: joys sentimental

arms beautiful 78
Translation: sentimental victory

beautiful encounter 5
Dream description: mistaken beliefs

beautiful or beauty 6
Meaning: all passengers, also the beauty

beautiful laughing 25
Translation of the dream: unusual happenings

beautiful city 6
Interpretation: high hopes

beautiful moment 40
Sense of the dream: help in need

beautiful female 31
What does it mean: desire for love

beautiful night 39
Meaning of the dream: help from a friend

beautiful nature 90
Description: pleasant trip

copy with beautiful calligraphy 4
Interpretation of the dream: needed rest

surprised beautiful 10
Translation: parenthesis relaxing

beautiful church 12
Dream description: good position

beautiful lass 29
Meaning: happiness sentimental

beautiful calling 1
Translation of the dream: joyfulness

beautiful calligraphy 40
Interpretation: false confidence

beautiful prostitute 81
Sense of the dream: serenity of judgment

August beautiful 56
What does it mean: Good news

beautiful filly that runs house 42
Meaning of the dream: You marry a good woman

facade of a house beautiful but dilapidated 6
Description: do you think that others see everything destroyed

beautiful 6
Interpretation of the dream: long and quiet life