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Being bitten by a viper. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream being bitten by a viper. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

being bitten by a viper 8
Meaning of the dream: envy hidden

viper 3
Description: bad omen

see the viper 74
Interpretation of the dream: complications lurking

viper crawling 6
Translation: unexpected obstacle

viper dead 9
Dream description: difficulty overcome

kill the viper 60
Meaning: inner security

trample viper 42
Translation of the dream: You have caused a bad person

viper bites 9

bitten 69

be bitten by a grasshopper 19
What does it mean: anxious moments

being bitten by a wolf 2
Meaning of the dream: harm and loss from this

foot bitten 40
Description: sorrows, infirmity chest

calf being bitten 64
Interpretation of the dream: a person jealous of you

being bitten by snake 80
Translation: gossip and slander

being bitten by a wasp 15
Dream description: disappointment and regret

see or be bitten by vipers 42
Meaning: bad debts with creditors

be bitten by a tarantula 51
Translation of the dream: anguish

being bitten by a mosquito 78
Interpretation: offense hit you

being bitten by a plug 67
Sense of the dream: at your expense you will learn to better assess people

bitten by a thief 49

bitten by a woman 32

cheek bitten 62

lip bitten 41

bitten by a goldsmith 16

bitten donkey 2

woman bitten 8

being bitten or scratched by cats 25
Translation of the dream: you will fall into the wrong hands

brandy bitter 41
Interpretation: inconstancy

being an anarchist 55
Sense of the dream: meeting overwhelming

being in a cave 24
What does it mean: dangerous quarrels with elderly

being lost in a bazaar 80
Meaning of the dream: imprudent character

bitter drink 7
Description: business trip

being chased by a bison 80
Interpretation of the dream: knowledge of important people

not being able to open the mouth 53
Translation: recklessness in danger

bitterness 1
Dream description: inconvenience

being murdered 44
Meaning: be on guard against enemies

animals being chased 2
Translation of the dream: insults by enemies

being attacked by many brigands 2
Interpretation: mishaps with close relatives

being told good 15
Sense of the dream: torments short

being lead by front 59
What does it mean: give up to your responsibilities

bitter coffe 40
Meaning of the dream: next cheerfulness

being run over by a truck 72
Description: decline of physical energy

being run over by a horse 45
Interpretation of the dream: momentary uneasiness

being hit by a cyclone 42
Translation: News coming soon

being in seclusion 70
Dream description: serenity and tranquility of spirit

being part of a group 15
Meaning: good deals

frostbitten legs 1
Translation of the dream: persecution complex

bitter decoction 18
Interpretation: personal achievements

being an amateur 8
Sense of the dream: spiritual restlessness

being bald 28
What does it mean: much love

being cut off his head on the scaffold 77
Meaning of the dream: perfect tranquility, as opposed to bankers and merchants

being robbed 1
Description: misadventure

being cut off the tips of the fingers 23
Interpretation of the dream: dishonor, loss or discord with your

being hit by a landslide 37
Translation: false friendships

bitterly cold 19
Dream description: fights with siblings

being hit by hail 19
Meaning: melancholy passing

being in a grotto 57
Translation of the dream: good earnings

being in an island 32
Interpretation: boredom, sadness and loneliness

not being able to get out of the maze 2
Sense of the dream: difficulties resolved