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Behind van. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream behind van. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dealer van 7
Meaning of the dream: inner insecurity

van ambulance 64
Description: sentimental conquests

truck or van 18
Interpretation of the dream: responsibilities and work

police van 71
Translation: intuition wrong

behind everything 19
Dream description: You will advance grade

hiding behind the bush 20
Meaning: pretend not to have problems

crouch behind the door 18
Translation of the dream: challenges to overcome

someone hiding behind the bush 59
Interpretation: luck

scratching behind 90
Sense of the dream: vain search

woman's back 82
What does it mean: emotional instability

pupils who go to school 21
Meaning of the dream: increase physical energy

contusion behind 21
Description: relations moved

attack behind 61
Interpretation of the dream: opposition inevitable

talk behind back 67
Translation: new challenging job

run after someone 45
Dream description: waste of money

run after a man 40
Meaning: cold determination

back of man 38
Translation of the dream: disturbance of short duration

running after a boy 33
Interpretation: pride

run after the ox 19
Sense of the dream: dangerous friendships

run after a woman 43
What does it mean: disappointments in love

paw 84
Meaning of the dream: a man you educated offender

hearse 90
Description: sequence of events

overseas 2
Interpretation of the dream: broken promises

back 47
Translation: Decision to be taken

trailing a child 68
Dream description: intolerance

metaphysics 85
Meaning: you have opinions different from others

Ultramontane 1
Translation of the dream: aid from relatives

trailing legs 73
Interpretation: exciting experience

back straight 46
Sense of the dream: right choice

retreat 14
What does it mean: animosity and courage

get back 31
Meaning of the dream: opportunities to be exploited

back away 61
Description: Decision to be taken

turn your back 35
Interpretation of the dream: programs to be reviewed immediately

scratch his back 25
Translation: trouble with co-workers

cover your back 36
Dream description: increased security

go beyond the limits 58
Meaning: lack of reflection

warm up your back 4
Translation of the dream: ideas for change

rear window 15
Interpretation: to overcome fears

Brigadier retreating 89
Sense of the dream: Luckily the game

Army retreating 34
What does it mean: profit

rear a child 29
Meaning of the dream: concern for the family

retreating troops 19
Description: physical recovery

retreat at home 28
Interpretation of the dream: Issues that are fixed

Cabinet retreat 16
Translation: your shyness you harm

retreat by order 65
Dream description: long wait

retreating army 5
Meaning: alarming news

Mountain retreat 34
Translation of the dream: tendency to reflection

beat a retreat 37
Interpretation: moodiness unjustified

backwards to surprise 4
Sense of the dream: little will to fight

back face of danger 6
What does it mean: Decision to be taken

dinner with relatives 11
Meaning of the dream: lack of confidence

dinner with men 8
Description: advantages at the expense of other

dinner with women 5
Interpretation of the dream: Failure of a deal

dinner with military 4
Translation: Tangible evidence of friendship

lunch with friends 82
Dream description: momentary satisfaction