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Bed fine wood. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bed fine wood. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wooden bed 35
Meaning of the dream: new commitments to be

fine wood stick 10
Description: fanaticism exaggerated

glass of wood 18
Interpretation of the dream: adaptability and optimism

inlaid bed 40
Translation: embarrassment in the family

comfortable bed 33
Dream description: love happy

iron bed 50
Meaning: weak hopes

bed of soldiers 88
Translation of the dream: waste of time

snuff box of wood 13
Interpretation: poor adaptation

Amulet of wood 64
Sense of the dream: events pleased

low bed 54
What does it mean: friendships safe

brass bed 74
Meaning of the dream: good faith betrayed

lower the bed 64
Description: threads unnerving

walnut bed 62
Interpretation of the dream: danger of leakage

Wood Carving 27
Translation: good health

burning bed 5
Dream description: intellectual abilities

Wood Button 62
Meaning: violent arguments

strip the bed 6
Translation of the dream: intruders

veneer bed 58
Interpretation: home projects

broken bed 77
Sense of the dream: important innovations and changes

wood hedgehogs 44
What does it mean: irritating situation

wood nail 9
Meaning of the dream: momentary pleasures

uncomfortable bed 76
Description: novelty and personal success

dirty bed 54
Interpretation of the dream: contested goods

slab of wood 21
Translation: work pay

rod of wood 40
Dream description: gains and important friendships

threshold wood 66
Meaning: lofty ideals

share a bed 63
Translation of the dream: possibility of gains

bed in flames 42
Interpretation: delusions of grandeur

fine lingerie 10
Sense of the dream: imprudence in speaking

the step of wood 18
What does it mean: interests thwarted

wood bracelet 18
Meaning of the dream: irritation exaggerated

royal bed 40
Description: change of situation

kennel wood 15
Interpretation of the dream: strength of character

wood frame 31
Translation: recognition of merit

Wood mintage 7
Dream description: malicious gossip

marring bed 53
Meaning: action by trade

bed 4
Translation of the dream: rest, security

unmade bed 81
Interpretation: fleeting joys

play a bed 75
Sense of the dream: faithfulness

join two planks of wood 67
What does it mean: state of fatigue

fine needle 16
Meaning of the dream: lingering bitterness

double bed 60
Description: open struggle in family

high bed 10
Interpretation of the dream: some bitter quarrel

bed with dead 48
Translation: fortune

covered bed 30
Dream description: declining health

bonfires of wood 34
Meaning: rebellion against fate

piece of wood 81
Translation of the dream: indecision and perplexity

wood pellets 85
Interpretation: waste of money

scrape wood 24
Sense of the dream: desire for freedom

Wood chain 52
What does it mean: you need assistance for families

hospital bed 52
Meaning of the dream: you can not tell who is calling you

bed with spouses 63
Description: decrease of vitality

basin wood 60
Interpretation of the dream: difficult negotiations

pillows per bed 22
Translation: you are slow in making a decision

wood front door 80
Dream description: fortitude