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Beautiful encounter. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream beautiful encounter. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

beautiful encounter 5
Meaning of the dream: mistaken beliefs

encounter with animals 3
Description: desire for freedom

encounter with robbers 39
Interpretation of the dream: reassuring news

encounter with relatives 51
Translation: decision, courage

beautiful or beauty 6
Dream description: all passengers, also the beauty

encounter bad 38
Meaning: obstinacy dangerous

beautiful boat 6
Translation of the dream: pride and arrogance

beautiful building 44
Interpretation: misplaced trust

beautiful hairstyle 57
Sense of the dream: watch out, otherwise it happens misfortune

beautiful moment 40
What does it mean: help in need

beautiful day 90
Meaning of the dream: guarantee for the future

beautiful nature 90
Description: pleasant trip

beautiful jar 51
Interpretation of the dream: gains with foreign

beautiful dream 27
Translation: New Adventures

beautiful horse 54
Dream description: tips to follow

encounter difficulties 34
Meaning: economic well-being

ears small and beautiful 3
Translation of the dream: friendship, confidence, kindness on the part of a character

beautiful sight 36
Interpretation: good agreement with friends

beautiful fairy 29
Sense of the dream: originality of thought

surprised beautiful 10
What does it mean: parenthesis relaxing

beautiful night 39
Meaning of the dream: help from a friend

beautiful church 12
Description: good position

beautiful lass 29
Interpretation of the dream: happiness sentimental

beautiful typist 5
Translation: economic concerns

beautiful 6
Dream description: long and quiet life

beautiful calligraphy 40
Meaning: false confidence

beautiful prostitute 81
Translation of the dream: serenity of judgment

sports meeting 24
Interpretation: embarrassing choice

meeting of people 55
Sense of the dream: tranquility of mind

beautiful winter storage 37
What does it mean: melancholy and depression

beautiful man 50
Meaning of the dream: balance of mind

see a beautiful miniature 11
Description: you have an artistic sense and do road

beautiful leg 50
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels with family

beautiful female 31
Translation: desire for love

feel beautiful 35
Dream description: guilt trip

beautiful hands 11
Meaning: favorable relations

beautiful city 6
Translation of the dream: high hopes

beautiful pictures 26
Interpretation: pleasures, transports of joy, friendship

beautiful calling 1
Sense of the dream: joyfulness

August beautiful 56
What does it mean: Good news

meeting 90
Meaning of the dream: unexpected news

beautiful filly that runs house 42
Description: You marry a good woman

see beautiful children 20
Interpretation of the dream: good prediction

see beautiful girls 57
Translation: joy and frolic

see beautiful ankles 77
Dream description: useful meetings

wife beautiful and rich 61
Meaning: death of the father or mother

meeting of women 44
Translation of the dream: mischief discovery

night meeting 70
Interpretation: need to escape

meeting relatives 31
Sense of the dream: insult

beautiful legs of a woman 8
What does it mean: health and joy

meeting of priests 29
Meaning of the dream: insult received

facade of a beautiful house 89
Description: You discover the deception of your partner and you will go

fly across the beautiful weather 85
Interpretation of the dream: great activities