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Beaten by daughter. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream beaten by daughter. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

have daughter 77
Meaning of the dream: novelty coming

abandon his daughter 35
Description: dangerous business

good daughter 82
Interpretation of the dream: big events

legitimate daughter 12
Translation: important secrets

give birth to a daughter 66
Dream description: joy, dancing, feasting, followed by fears and pains

daughter 10
Meaning: economic concerns

loving daughter 22
Translation of the dream: bright future

pregnant daughter 60
Interpretation: decisive help

daughter invested 16
Sense of the dream: fears and concerns

dead daughter 33
What does it mean: obscure maneuvers to discover

daughter love 23
Meaning of the dream: rapidity of decision

disobedient daughter 4
Description: ups and downs

daughter married 3
Interpretation of the dream: measures to be taken

marry a daughter 12
Translation: happiness

sick daughter 26
Dream description: hard experiences

arrogant beaten 52
Meaning: security and tranquility

beaten by the square 54
Translation of the dream: contrasts with subordinates

motorist beaten 21
Interpretation: lack of money

beaten on the legs 21
Sense of the dream: inconstancy in love

78 - Smorfia classic: pretty girl 78

scab beaten 86
Meaning of the dream: harmony of relationships

Democrat beaten 18
Description: want to kiss

cheater beaten 31
Interpretation of the dream: ambition fulfilled

activist beaten 68
Translation: passing pleasures

beaten on the shoulders 37
Dream description: you have too many envy

beaten on the hands 76
Meaning: anxiety secret

beaten on the arms 43
Translation of the dream: anger and quarrels

deliveryman beaten 55
Interpretation: instincts unchecked

be beaten 57
Sense of the dream: trouble and sorrows of love

Silver beaten 44
What does it mean: lost objects

beaten window 31
Meaning of the dream: good health

student beaten 31
Description: the love of a partner, prosperity in business, health in family make life happy and peaceful

chopped thief 35
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected success

wrought church 25
Translation: passing enthusiasm

adulterer clubbed 42
Dream description: you have too much anger and you have to control yourself

beat street 29
Meaning: risky business

stung by bees 17
Translation of the dream: beware of your enemies

chilled by snow 36
Interpretation: realization of hopes

Stopped by police 18
Sense of the dream: depression and fatigue

abandoned by family 18
What does it mean: personal success

It is taken by anguish 34
Meaning of the dream: sweeping changes

abandoned by his mother 23
Description: need for economies

being persecuted by large 6
Interpretation of the dream: honor, dignity

abandoned by children 2
Translation: unexpected losses

abandoned by her sister 33
Dream description: Councils concerned

unloved by his wife 78
Meaning: ideas to be clarified immediately

abandoned by his friend 8
Translation of the dream: do you feel lonely

abandoned by his cousin 24
Interpretation: awards undeserved

lynched by his father 65
Sense of the dream: success in love

brawler beat 36
What does it mean: ability action

daughter in law 38
Meaning of the dream: arrival of relatives