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Beach worms. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream beach worms. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

worms in the closet 21
Meaning of the dream: dangers to be faced

empty beach 75
Description: opportunities nuanced

beach 80
Interpretation of the dream: uncertainty and anxiety about something or someone

beach bucket 19
Translation: arid period under the sentimental sphere

Beach with bathers 42
Dream description: sense of security

beach parched 18
Meaning: novelty important

beach cabin 54
Translation of the dream: dangerous trip

go to the beach 27
Interpretation: pleasant social relationships

trip to the beach 2
Sense of the dream: no damage expected

lie on the beach 61
What does it mean: considerable economic advantages

approaching the beach 25
Meaning of the dream: money

undressing at the beach 21
Description: new ideals

fruit with worms 59
Interpretation of the dream: health recovery

shit with worms 76
Translation: Good news

beach hat 76
Dream description: temptations to win

bather on the beach 53
Meaning: unnecessary waiting

walking along the beach 2
Translation of the dream: tranquility of mind

waves on the beach 45
Interpretation: repressed instincts

whale on the beach 88
Sense of the dream: restlessness

walking on the beach 8
What does it mean: keep harmony in the family

relax on the beach 2
Meaning of the dream: intelligent organization

see bather on the beach 75
Description: visits

bathing beach to the sea 35
Interpretation of the dream: indisposition

wicker beach chair 80
Translation: lies uncovered

walk on the beach 8
Dream description: Pleasant surprise

beach umbrella 12
Meaning: efforts rewarded

maggots 72
Translation of the dream: you are not free to express your emotions

intestinal worm 52
Interpretation: disorder in private life

raising silkworms 7
Sense of the dream: prelude to future earnings as well as having good and faithful friends

have the body covered with maggots 76
What does it mean: great riches

touch the shore 18
Meaning of the dream: News coming soon

walking on the shore 16
Description: proposals faltering

back to the shore 42
Interpretation of the dream: reasoning controlled

cocoon shell of silkworms 35
Translation: victory over enemies

sea ​​coast 4
Dream description: lust for unattainable happiness

summer vacation at sea 8
Meaning: reports to be consolidated

strand (boat or ship) 89
Translation of the dream: new events

many millipedes 32
Interpretation: people in life that you would not see more

insects 48
Sense of the dream: small obstacles

trample insects 81
What does it mean: lost objects

biting insects 90
Meaning of the dream: People irritating

see bugs 45
Description: heavy relations

caterpillars (insects) 14
Interpretation of the dream: dangers and accidents provoked by secret enemies

to break down 37
Translation: your wealth will decrease

lifeguard 16
Dream description: that joy will not last long

verse 2
Meaning: a fool gives you boredom

hunting insects 81
Translation of the dream: fake friends

upon seeing insects 58
Interpretation: you ll get into trouble

bread anointed 31
Sense of the dream: ambition fulfilled

strike up 58
What does it mean: program to change