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Be soiled or filthy. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream be soiled or filthy. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

be soiled or filthy 38
Meaning of the dream: luck

soiled underwear 60
Description: Luckily the game

hat filthy 13
Interpretation of the dream: new jobs

dirty woman 51
Translation: adventurous

be stained with blood 36
Dream description: serious disaster

be ferried 66
Meaning: It will prove to be simple

be unmarried 50
Translation of the dream: emotional relationships stormy

be receding hairline 53
Interpretation: You just feel important at work

be washed 6
Sense of the dream: a corpse lying unrevenged

be kissed 22
What does it mean: disappointment from false friends

be small 1
Meaning of the dream: you will be lifted up

be sucked 82
Description: feel uncomfortable being around others

dirty blanket 61
Interpretation of the dream: pride

be shrunken 55
Translation: eventful period

be transformed 38
Dream description: You do a trip or you will change your place of abode

be excommunicated 68
Meaning: decisive events

be bothered by flies 62
Translation of the dream: envious friends

filthy hovel 16
Interpretation: major change

be uncomfortable 78
Sense of the dream: negligence

be long 6
What does it mean: indecision in business

be concrete 40
Meaning of the dream: you work too much

be handcuffed 27
Description: misunderstanding in love

be stabbed 49
Interpretation of the dream: a person who can not see for a long time to get sorrows

dirty laundry 81
Translation: malicious gossip

be a gardener 14
Dream description: tough love

be priest 48
Meaning: contrasts to overcome

be matchmaker 68
Translation of the dream: need saving

be a teacher 39
Interpretation: slowness in decision

dirty washcloth 68
Sense of the dream: constructive energy

be refined 18
What does it mean: discontent and boredom

be religious 20
Meaning of the dream: generous altruism

be an engraver 22
Description: sadness

be challenged 24
Interpretation of the dream: reconciliation with enemies

be a nun 40
Translation: uncertain business

be seller 4
Dream description: favorable deal

be deformed 70
Meaning: progress for the future

be a joyful 75
Translation of the dream: rejoicing and happy

be beheaded 77
Interpretation: tranquility of mind

be reticent 82
Sense of the dream: physical fatigue

be knighted 48
What does it mean: steadfast spirit

be an actor 72
Meaning of the dream: thoughts

be a nurse 36
Description: novelty coming

be a superior 10
Interpretation of the dream: hidden desires

dirty baby bottle 78
Translation: worries and anxieties

be a sorceress 30
Dream description: you like to have a magic wand

be a mummy 25
Meaning: you are not able to act

be the master 68
Translation of the dream: good luck

be slightly ill 31
Interpretation: killing unjustified

be towed 29
Sense of the dream: inner insecurity

be at the restaurant 49
What does it mean: useful meetings

be beaten 57
Meaning of the dream: trouble and sorrows of love

be kept in the dark 7
Description: shyness exaggerated

be dried 76
Interpretation of the dream: disease

be covered with hair 3
Translation: health and long life

be visited 4
Dream description: expenses harassing