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Be hostage of animal. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream be hostage of animal. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

hostage 38
Meaning of the dream: well directed initiatives

animal's foot 30
Description: small changes

be small 1
Interpretation of the dream: you will be lifted up

snout animal 68
Translation: many contrasts

be matchmaker 68
Dream description: need saving

be an engraver 22
Meaning: sadness

be a joyful 75
Translation of the dream: rejoicing and happy

neck animal 36
Interpretation: unexpected help

be reticent 82
Sense of the dream: physical fatigue

be a sorceress 30
What does it mean: you like to have a magic wand

be a mummy 25
Meaning of the dream: you are not able to act

flayed animal 73
Description: mild illness

heart animal 28
Interpretation of the dream: to curb impulsiveness

be lame 54
Translation: terrible disaster

to be blessed 88
Dream description: joyfulness

be uncomfortable 78
Meaning: negligence

be long 6
Translation of the dream: indecision in business

be a gardener 14
Interpretation: tough love

be priest 48
Sense of the dream: contrasts to overcome

be alcoholic 14
What does it mean: neglect dangerous

be contractor 1
Meaning of the dream: next loss

be typist 54
Description: good business

be effeminate 66
Interpretation of the dream: lack of virility

be hunchback 51
Translation: declining health

be curly 7
Dream description: prosperity

be usurer 77
Meaning: poor relations

be student 36
Translation of the dream: fag

be friar 52
Interpretation: loss of a loved one

peel animal 41
Sense of the dream: sentimental emotions

be a devil 54
What does it mean: secret relations

be a hairdresser 3
Meaning of the dream: contrasts of love

be an usher 79
Description: patiently waiting

be a widower 34
Interpretation of the dream: sadness passing

be a slave 7
Translation: you will suffer a wrong

be barbaric 45
Dream description: harassment

be muddy 26
Meaning: hurt you, and this will not harm

be seller 4
Translation of the dream: favorable deal

be trepidation 72
Interpretation: you are quiet at this time

be an actor 72
Sense of the dream: thoughts

be a nurse 36
What does it mean: novelty coming

be an abbot 48
Meaning of the dream: contrasts

be a gunner 34
Description: Love at Large

be a stutterer 58
Interpretation of the dream: distrust of the next

be a creditor 49
Translation: intense activity

be a rower 47
Dream description: walk on the water with a friend

be a blacksmith 70
Meaning: character ruler

be a diver 81
Translation of the dream: restlessness

be a robber 45
Interpretation: wrath, suffering

be a policeman 18
Sense of the dream: small quarrels and contrasts

be a player 64
What does it mean: fears and anxieties

be a bishop 56
Meaning of the dream: secret ambitions

be writer 18
Description: professional satisfaction

be a superior 10
Interpretation of the dream: hidden desires

be a surgeon 25
Translation: opportunities must be seized

be a postman 9
Dream description: you communicate good news to a friend who is waiting for you

be a scientist 41
Meaning: need for caution