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Be happily surprised. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream be happily surprised. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

be surprised 36
Meaning of the dream: favorite activities

lovers surprised 81
Description: coherence in

surprised beautiful 10
Interpretation of the dream: parenthesis relaxing

be shrunken 55
Translation: eventful period

be judged 74
Dream description: insecurity

be a teacher 39
Meaning: slowness in decision

be handcuffed 27
Translation of the dream: misunderstanding in love

be stabbed 49
Interpretation: a person who can not see for a long time to get sorrows

be buried 12
Sense of the dream: you'll get many goods

be saved 25
What does it mean: a reward you will come to cost a lot

be seller 4
Meaning of the dream: favorable deal

be connected 4
Description: trap

be dumbed down 1
Interpretation of the dream: you re on the road to become minister

pretend to be happy 88
Translation: misguidance

be challenged 24
Dream description: reconciliation with enemies

be beheaded 77
Meaning: tranquility of mind

be knighted 48
Translation of the dream: steadfast spirit

be the master 68
Interpretation: good luck

be exiled 5
Sense of the dream: change of condition

be sacked fired 4
What does it mean: feelings of rejection of others to you

be painted on boards 39
Meaning of the dream: life long

be covered with hair 3
Description: health and long life

be placed in a sepulcher 35
Interpretation of the dream: good omen

be expelled from the circle 3
Translation: compromising friendships

be sentenced to imprisonment 30
Dream description: breaking agreements

be released from secret 33
Meaning: profitable business

be rescued by lifeguards 47
Translation of the dream: courage

be questioned by the devil 21
Interpretation: contrariness

be washed 6
Sense of the dream: a corpse lying unrevenged

be assaulted by wasps 51
What does it mean: interests to defend

to be won 61
Meaning of the dream: little attention to job

devil be brought 26
Description: more good than sad omen

be touched by bat 45
Interpretation of the dream: sudden misfortune

be burned 27
Translation: your negative experiences do not have served to nothing

be kissed 22
Dream description: disappointment from false friends

be consumed 30
Meaning: you are received gladly everywhere

be sucked 82
Translation of the dream: feel uncomfortable being around others

be transformed 38
Interpretation: You do a trip or you will change your place of abode

to be killed by brigands 82
Sense of the dream: heritage removed

be discharged 7
What does it mean: you will fall into a trap

be refused 41
Meaning of the dream: suffer from oppression

be shot 55
Description: you will be isolated

be excommunicated 68
Interpretation of the dream: decisive events

be boating on the lake 15
Translation: prestige rising

be small 1
Dream description: you will be lifted up

be the cashier 50
Meaning: opposition of a young

be at the restaurant 49
Translation of the dream: useful meetings

be alcoholic 14
Interpretation: neglect dangerous

be contractor 1
Sense of the dream: next loss

be typist 54
What does it mean: good business

be effeminate 66
Meaning of the dream: lack of virility

be hunchback 51
Description: declining health

be lazy 11
Interpretation of the dream: Poverty and shame