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Be different city. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream be different city. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

away from the city 90
Meaning of the dream: distrust of relatives

city 18
Description: tranquility of mind

see a city 73
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity and good business

get out of the city 90
Translation: heart problems

cross a city 55
Dream description: recommendation request

bombardment of a city 5
Meaning: desire for perfection

Flooding in the city 27
Translation of the dream: attention to your enemies who want to harm you

capitulation of a city 6
Interpretation: obstacles in the profession

Cemetery city 66
Sense of the dream: changing health

maritime city 9
What does it mean: notoriety and prestige

city ​​celebrates 12
Meaning of the dream: windfall gains

ancient city 42
Description: work hard

beautiful city 6
Interpretation of the dream: high hopes

big city 63
Translation: new experiences

city ​​destroyed 90
Dream description: painful separation

city ​​fire 8
Meaning: obstacles to overcome

city ​​life 70
Translation of the dream: lack of resources

medieval city 41
Interpretation: unpleasant gossip

besieged city 74
Sense of the dream: contradictions and struggles in family

city ​​university 28
What does it mean: passion and ambition

visit a city 37
Meaning of the dream: knowledge important

devastate a city 82
Description: susceptibility and presumption

city ​​Hall 46
Interpretation of the dream: overspending

Parish city 5
Translation: hard work

scour the city 38
Dream description: original ideas

plan of a city 76
Meaning: journey to make

district of the city 15
Translation of the dream: moral force

made of a city 73
Interpretation: definitive agreements

tailoring of city 8
Sense of the dream: sensitive period

School city 82
What does it mean: unwelcome surprises

sentinel in city 45
Meaning of the dream: letter with good news

pave city 74
Description: business discussions

moving to another city 39
Interpretation of the dream: business proposals

city restaurant 40
Translation: Secret Revealed

view of city 45
Dream description: Understanding with friends and relatives

avenue of a city 22
Meaning: clear days

villa in the city 10
Translation of the dream: aid materials coming

live in the city 40
Interpretation: difficult struggle

beautifying a city 90
Sense of the dream: deceptions

approaching the city 51
What does it mean: dishonest

Eagle city 60
Meaning of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

city ​​library 35
Description: ticklish situation

hat from city 7
Interpretation of the dream: challenging business

city ​​casino 83
Translation: Councils concerned

coachman in city 34
Dream description: useful meetings

city ​​festival 28
Meaning: your friend is acting falsely to you

fashion city 82
Translation of the dream: you have a character influenced