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Basket mouse. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream basket mouse. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mouse 11
Meaning of the dream: the money you have paid will not be returned

take a mouse 60
Description: clarify misunderstandings

catch a mouse 70
Interpretation of the dream: skills in business

mouse tail 28
Translation: triumph over enemies

cat and mouse 35
Dream description: friendship misplaced

muzzle mouse 16
Meaning: feelings of resentment

mouse in the bed 5
Translation of the dream: health hazard

mouse in the pantry 37
Interpretation: Negotiations disappointing

mouse in the closet 55
Sense of the dream: family responsibilities

mouse in trap 6
What does it mean: important news

mouse in the house 88
Meaning of the dream: your fortune threatened

live mouse 23
Description: your spouse you faithful

dead mouse 51
Interpretation of the dream: family disgrace

kill a mouse 34
Translation: You have eliminated an opponent

cat with mouse 31

basket 18
Meaning: happy event, perhaps even the birth of a baby in the family or a friend s house

little basket 5

cart or basket 30
Interpretation: will refuse a good offer for fear of over-commitment

basket of fruit 15
Sense of the dream: favors granted

basket with flowers 32
What does it mean: serenity of spirit

basket with tomatoes 14
Meaning of the dream: valid support

basket with lemons 70
Description: discovery of intrigue

basket with vegetables 42
Interpretation of the dream: rash judgments

basket with salami 61
Translation: danger of dishonesty

basket with eggs 40
Dream description: welfare loss

basket with sweets 11
Meaning: hard problems

basket with fish 29
Translation of the dream: peace in the family

basket with meat 27
Interpretation: troubles at work

making a basket 73
Sense of the dream: Excellent reports

buy a basket 16
What does it mean: Favourable

empty basket 64
Meaning of the dream: embarrassment in a choice

manufacture the basket 73
Description: Excellent reports

carry the basket 60
Interpretation of the dream: next gains

basket with figs 34

basket with strawberries 10

basket with apples 27

basket with pears 32

basket with peaches 86

basket with plums 76

basket with grapes 40

basket maker 81

Baby basket 9

basket for pigeons 8

basket with artichokes 21

basket with cabbage 8

basket with herbs 14

basket with hens 74

basket with chicks 16

round basket 71

wicker basket 70

broken basket 44

little basket with meat 57

little basket with sweets 5

little basket with fruit 54

little basket with snack 15

little basket of baby 41

Basket and farmers 57

basket with apricots 5

basket with chestnuts 66

Orange and basket 75

basket with butter 64

Cherries and basket 10

basket with cheese 2

basket with mushrooms 18

Basket with nuts 70

basket full of fruit 15
Meaning: favors granted

basket with white grape 1

basket with black grapes 40

basket with cottage cheese 49

infamous hotel 1
What does it mean: love of money

environment infamous 61
Meaning of the dream: faithfulness in love

anonymous 17
Description: remorse

write an anonymous letter 16
Interpretation of the dream: remorse

receiving an anonymous letter 70
Translation: absolutism in love

anonymous author 54
Dream description: dangerous pitfalls

moustache 76
Meaning: You are hiding an aspect of yourself

anonymous note 64
Translation of the dream: assimilation of deep problems

strawberries in baskets 23
Interpretation: protections equivocal

anonymous letter 50
Sense of the dream: errors to be repaired

basketball match 39
What does it mean: joys ahead

great people (VIPs or famous) 4
Meaning of the dream: honor, dignity