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Basil. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream basil. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

basil 43
Meaning of the dream: goodness, gentleness and deep love

essence of basil 6

basin 50
Interpretation of the dream: bad luck in family

basin gold 88
Translation: hopes well-founded

silver basin 86
Dream description: realizable unexpected

barber's basin 14
Meaning: evil intentions of neighbors

basin full 70
Translation of the dream: time wasted in the details

basin broken 60
Interpretation: risk of theft

basin with water 41
Sense of the dream: happiness conquered

do not use a basin of water 10
What does it mean: joy in the family

enter the basilica 65
Meaning of the dream: person loves you

see basilica outside 56
Description: person does not love you

basilisks (reptiles) 3
Interpretation of the dream: disorders caused by non-friends

basilisk snake fabulous 34
Translation: various injuries

basin of iron 56
Dream description: spirit of sacrifice

basin wood 60
Meaning: difficult negotiations

porcelain basin 3
Translation of the dream: crushes

fill the basin 49
Interpretation: overcoming of obstacles

wash in a basin 77
Sense of the dream: wrong views

empty basin 10
What does it mean: inner conflict

basin with linen 39
Meaning of the dream: projects to be modified

commercial basis 20
Description: many changes

brass basin 45

metal basin 69

basin of the woman in labor 4

earthenware basin 70

Vatican basilica 14

Basilica of Pompeii 8

Basilica of San Marco 32

basin with vinegar 45

basin with oil 65

basin with blood 12

basin with wine 4

aluminum basin 40

zinc basin 15

basin with child 55

basin with chalk 16

basin with baby 62

basin with cloths 48

basin with sand 43

circle basins 86