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Basement closet. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream basement closet. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lighted closet 22
Meaning of the dream: situation stable

closet dirt 37
Description: contrasts sentimental

closet close 81
Interpretation of the dream: unrealistic ideas

down in the basement 57
Translation: sudden physical discomfort

closet in order 7
Dream description: clear days

get in a closet 2
Meaning: issues to be resolved

dark closet 44
Translation of the dream: health hazard

closet 63
Interpretation: success in life

closet full 45
Sense of the dream: need for thoughts more optimistic

closet clean 71
What does it mean: visits to relatives

close the closet 78
Meaning of the dream: danger of carelessness

coat closet 56
Description: You have regrets of the past

closet with mesh 72
Interpretation of the dream: reflections and prudence

Closet Case 68
Translation: Safety baseless

empty closet 66
Dream description: unsolicited advice

basement with rats 36
Meaning: delays and impediments

shelf of closet 78
Translation of the dream: letters traveling

be in a basement 49
Interpretation: all issues and do not know to act

flooding of a basement 83
Sense of the dream: sudden illness

stay in the closet 80
What does it mean: meeting with loved one

mice in the closet 55
Meaning of the dream: family responsibilities

closet with linen 72
Description: sorrows that are intended to pass

mouse in the closet 55
Interpretation of the dream: family responsibilities

worms in the closet 21
Translation: dangers to be faced

basement with supplies 22
Dream description: uncertain relationships

basement with wood 37
Meaning: attitudes criticized

closet with clothes 44
Translation of the dream: good practical sense

basement 6
Interpretation: constructive energy

rummaging in the closet 18
Sense of the dream: practical mindset

out of the closet 31
What does it mean: serene family life

moldy cellar 12
Meaning of the dream: sentimental conquests

empty cupboard 36
Description: dangerous inefficiency in work

Basement with coal 26
Interpretation of the dream: lack of aid

wardrobe with hats 31
Translation: risky business

cupboard with bread 56
Dream description: serenity of mind

cupboard with flour 76
Meaning: need saving

ancient cupboard 53
Translation of the dream: physical fatigue

cool wardrobe 36
Interpretation: way of saving

go down to the cellar 57
Sense of the dream: physical depression

hanged in the cellar 21
What does it mean: success in personal problems

trapdoor to the cellar 65
Meaning of the dream: lack of objectivity

flour in the cupboard 53
Description: be happy

wardrobe with clothes 74
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately vanished

whitewashing cellar 65
Translation: liveliness

watercloset 16
Dream description: earnings

grateful cellar 11
Meaning: hidden enemies

Closed cabinet 7
Translation of the dream: inspirations successful

railing cellar 9
Interpretation: being conquered

rat cellar 1
Sense of the dream: unexpected loss

cellar with supplies 22
What does it mean: harmful relationships

inlaid wardrobe 58
Meaning of the dream: mental reservations

rent a cellar 66
Description: next advantages

Ant in the cellar 6
Interpretation of the dream: actions thin