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Barter rice. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream barter rice. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

barter 9
Meaning of the dream: fortune in businesses

barter of objects 15
Description: you are materialistic however your business is good

barter coins 5
Interpretation of the dream: not gamble

barter clothes 7
Translation: do not be stingy, you may be injured

barter money 25
Dream description: good omen

barter of land 48
Meaning: incompatibility of character

rice 44
Translation of the dream: help from someone close

rice starch 10
Interpretation: decreased energy

famine rice 69
Sense of the dream: false premonitions

curb rice 9
What does it mean: dangerous initiatives

rice fritters 47
Meaning of the dream: favorable agreements

weeding rice 22
Description: good news in sight

rice in sacks 78
Interpretation of the dream: excellent results

uncooked rice 19
Translation: progress with work

cooked rice 61
Dream description: bright spirit

sow rice 37
Meaning: good health

collect rice 15
Translation of the dream: overcoming of obstacles

buy rice 76
Interpretation: momentary setbacks

cook rice 59
Sense of the dream: Love Home

eat rice 47
What does it mean: malaise of a family

sprinkle rice 84
Meaning of the dream: danger of breakage

bag of rice 29
Description: new guidelines

drain rice 38
Interpretation of the dream: discouragement and abandonment

ears of rice 50
Translation: that desire will be fulfilled

rice timbale 53
Dream description: good luck

bale of rice 18
Meaning: solicitude of relatives

Rice pudding 46
Translation of the dream: imprudence

foil with rice 9
Interpretation: hopes fade

riddled rice 47
Sense of the dream: hopes unreasonable

rice flour 7
What does it mean: violent temper

rice grains 25
Meaning of the dream: prudence with neighbors

rice soup 9
Description: restlessness

Rice field 29
Interpretation of the dream: moral fatigue

rice sheaf 4
Translation: misunderstanding in the family

wash rice 4
Dream description: funeral in the family

capillary rice 56
Meaning: new knowledge

rice in the paddy field 85
Translation of the dream: conquest exciting

avarice 22
Interpretation: great martyrs

bargain price 90
Sense of the dream: realization of hopes

fair price 84
What does it mean: knowledge really unusual

price quotation 84
Meaning of the dream: needed a good deed

price 70
Description: protection not required

rental price 62
Interpretation of the dream: desire for improvement

exaggerated price 41
Translation: wrong views

advantageous price 9
Dream description: obstacles to be removed

fixed price 55
Meaning: ability to exploit

price negotiations 24
Translation of the dream: scruples exaggerated

varices routes 50
Interpretation: momentary concerns

sell at a high price 51
Sense of the dream: relationships with important people

sell at a fixed price 8
What does it mean: little practical sense