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Barter items. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: barter items

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barter items 15
Meaning of the dream: six materialistic however your business is good

barter 9
Dream Interpretation: fortune in businesses

barter coins 5
Meanings of dreams: not gamble

barter clothes 7
Dream Interpretations: do not be stingy, you may be injured

barter money 25

buy items 3
Meaning of the dream: gain

store items 5
Dream Interpretation: oddities mood

line items 6
Meanings of dreams: weakness to be overcome

silk items 50
Dream Interpretations: you fantasize in various dreams

repair items 85
What does this mean: passive obedience

Aluminum items 26

prepare items 6

list of items 6

return stolen items 60
Meaning of the dream: period of no confidence

counterfeit item 68
Dream Interpretation: sympathy affected

sell an item 87
Meanings of dreams: very interesting experience

Rare item 75
Dream Interpretations: regret useless

give a personal item 39
What does this mean: profitable activities

baby item 1
What does it mean: long-term projects

Administration Item 52

bartender at the bar 84

bartender who makes accounts 53

bartender who serves 35

direction Item 36

do the bartender 37

List Item 18