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Barter items. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream barter items. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

barter items 15
Meaning of the dream: six materialistic however your business is good

barter 9
Description: fortune in businesses

barter coins 5
Interpretation of the dream: not gamble

barter clothes 7
Translation: do not be stingy, you may be injured

barter money 25

barter of land 48

buy items 3
Translation of the dream: gain

store items 5
Interpretation: oddities mood

line items 6
Sense of the dream: weakness to be overcome

silk items 50
What does it mean: you fantasize in various dreams

repair items 85
Meaning of the dream: passive obedience

Aluminum items 26

prepare items 6

list of items 6

pocketing items 40

collect items 5

return stolen items 60
Translation of the dream: period of no confidence

museum of rare items 22

counterfeit item 68
Sense of the dream: sympathy affected

sell an item 87
What does it mean: very interesting experience

Rare item 75
Meaning of the dream: regret useless

give a personal item 39
Description: profitable activities

baby item 1
Interpretation of the dream: long-term projects

Administration Item 52

bartender at the bar 84

bartender who makes accounts 53

bartender who serves 35

direction Item 36

do the bartender 37

List Item 18

altercation between bartenders 27

barterer 26