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Bars of the cell. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bars of the cell. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bars 27
Meaning of the dream: give to Caesar what is Caesar

monkey bars 15
Description: amorous passion

bars cashier 88
Interpretation of the dream: stop in the activity

journeyman bars 65
Translation: broken promises

handle bars 20
Dream description: contrasts of love

He teaches bars 82
Meaning: concrete achievements

local bars 54
Translation of the dream: needs of employees

reopening the bars 68
Interpretation: general improvement

cell 11
Sense of the dream: unwelcome news

It is closed in the cell 40
What does it mean: wrongdoing

cell penitentiary 90
Meaning of the dream: benefits and protections

cell monastery 11
Description: loneliness and melancholy

cell with insects 65
Interpretation of the dream: agitation and difficulty

dirty cell 66
Translation: obstinacy and stubbornness

empty cell 7
Dream description: reckless conduct

dark cell 50
Meaning: separation for a chat

religious cell 11
Translation of the dream: exciting novelty

cell phone 44
Interpretation: concerns for the future

prisoner in the cell 18
Sense of the dream: Next healing

white blood cell 9
What does it mean: Fortunately momentary

rent a cellar 66
Meaning of the dream: next advantages

moldy cellar 12
Description: sentimental conquests

trapdoor to the cellar 65
Interpretation of the dream: lack of objectivity

cellar 6
Translation: disease and misery

go down to the cellar 57
Dream description: physical depression

wine cellar with barrels 74
Meaning: creative force

cellar with wood 87
Translation of the dream: spontaneity criticized

cellar with coal 26
Interpretation: favors refused

cellar with supplies 22
Sense of the dream: harmful relationships

grateful cellar 11
What does it mean: hidden enemies

have genitals in excellent condition 1
Meaning of the dream: all your relatives will bring good and will purchase new wealth

host cellar 75
Description: secret plots

silver salt cellar 37
Interpretation of the dream: mood swings

St. Marcellin 66
Translation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

st. Marcello 11
Dream description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

cellar with barrels 74
Meaning: constructive energy

playing the cello 35
Translation of the dream: possibility to exploit

cello player 10
Interpretation: insincerity

rat cellar 1
Sense of the dream: unexpected loss

race full of miscellaneous 19
What does it mean: Business real estate

playing or see cello 7
Meaning of the dream: concord and understanding between husband and wife

barrel cellar 10
Description: confused and disordered

cancellation of mortgage 88
Interpretation of the dream: strife and discord in the family

Chancellor embassy 5
Translation: a deal gone very wrong

Chancellor of the district court 66
Dream description: victory over the enemy