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Barrels fire in air. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream barrels fire in air. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tar barrels 52
Meaning of the dream: good intuition

cellar with barrels 74
Description: constructive energy

weatherstripping barrels 14
Interpretation of the dream: opportunity to be seized

beer in barrels 6

load barrels 80

buckboard with barrels 59

airspace of the barrels 59

wine cellar with barrels 74
Interpretation: creative force

hands be tied barrels 80

air 19
What does it mean: good luck

air raid 17
Meaning of the dream: coherence in

fresh air 17
Description: prosperity in family

warm air 7
Interpretation of the dream: consolation from friends

cold air 6
Translation: trip that fades

moist air 88
Dream description: to avert danger

dry air 59
Meaning: fulfillment of desires

pestiferous air 71
Translation of the dream: serious trouble

sea ​​air 4
Interpretation: disease passing

mountain air 89
Sense of the dream: happy journey

breath of air 29
What does it mean: assay development purposes


see bullet in the air 70
Meaning of the dream: pitfalls

amount of air 10
Description: secret fears

shoot in the air 4
Interpretation of the dream: displays of affection

send by air 78
Translation: novelty coming

Storm air 37
Dream description: financial mess

Air fleeing 22

air force 54

bomb to air 35

desire to air 55

air machine 68

mail by air 67

clear air 20

compressed air 64

conditioned air 40
Translation: psychological distress

country air 43

heavy air 70

dirty air 4

windy air 81

army air 50

air traffic 86

Air Force academy 23
Meaning of the dream: stressful time

hot air balloon 41
Description: hopes and hardships of a project not easy

powder keg jumping in the air 10
Interpretation of the dream: radical change

fire off 55
Translation: inconstancy affections

fire 8
Dream description: something new is entering your life

fire goes out 32
Meaning: economic difficulties

cause fire 34
Translation of the dream: sudden disaster

see fire 33
Interpretation: dangers to be avoided

go into the fire 56

fire come out 12

fire someone 43
Meaning of the dream: cut ties with someone negative

light a fire 45
Description: cheerfulness

alarm fire 84
Interpretation of the dream: liberation from boring people

forest on fire 56
Translation: excessive self-concept

brazier with fire 89
Dream description: unexpected situations

poke the fire 59
Meaning: too much anger

falling into the fire 41
Translation of the dream: good resolutions

hot fire 89
Interpretation: quarrels among relatives

heat of fire 10
Sense of the dream: false hope