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Barrel with water. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream barrel with water. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

barrel with water 39
Meaning of the dream: disloyalty of friends

barrel 15
Description: symbol of motherhood

barrel oil 37
Interpretation of the dream: fear of betrayal

barrel with beer 59
Translation: jealousy caused

barrel with vinegar 7
Dream description: dereliction

barrel with alcohol 11
Meaning: solution of difficult issues

empty barrel 15
Translation of the dream: inconstancy in love

barrel with wine 47
Interpretation: merry events

barrel with coffee 65
Sense of the dream: birth that soon you will know

barrel with anchovies 52
What does it mean: fighting spirit

barrel with explosive 27
Meaning of the dream: offer sage advice

barrel with liqueur 50
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

Tuna barrel 16
Interpretation of the dream: Success in any field

jug with water 31
Translation: convincing words

ewer with water 42
Dream description: match emotional

barrel with sugar 5
Meaning: prosperity in family

bucket with water 1
Translation of the dream: winning the game

cool off with water 82
Interpretation: energies to good use

barrel on a ship 50
Sense of the dream: welfare

barrel smashed 14
What does it mean: threat of rain that will damage your plantings

full barrel 77
Meaning of the dream: misery

moldy barrel 2
Description: rashness

well with water 35
Interpretation of the dream: disappointments and reversals of situation

jar with water 39
Translation: disloyalty of friends

tub with water 82
Dream description: pride and ambition

fill a barrel 26
Meaning: affective inconstancy

stream with water 33
Translation of the dream: family trouble

bottle with water 21
Interpretation: inner satisfaction

moat with water 84
Sense of the dream: You meet an obstacle

pot with water 74
What does it mean: restlessness passing

soften with water 54
Meaning of the dream: inner torment

burning with water 41
Description: nervous breakdown

vat with water 48
Interpretation of the dream: need for caution

basin with water 41
Translation: happiness conquered

bowl with water 66
Dream description: unforeseen expenses

feeding bottle with water 68
Meaning: want to escape

wineskin with water 39
Translation of the dream: disloyalty of friends

ampoule with water 70
Interpretation: dangerous antics

carafe with water 39
Sense of the dream: quick fixes

barrel of rum 74
What does it mean: struggles and disputes

hot water 26
Meaning of the dream: unjust slander

dragonfly above water 80
Description: loving meetings

broken barrel 59
Interpretation of the dream: happy event

container with water 36
Translation: clash with your loved one

sprinkle water 10
Dream description: high hopes

vase with water 62
Meaning: overcome difficulties

cloudy water 44
Translation of the dream: Good news

Wall surrounded by water 78
Interpretation: penalty

boiler with boiling water 3
Sense of the dream: self-confidence

scalding with boiling water 31
What does it mean: anger and sorrow

fear of water 33
Meaning of the dream: initiatives to return