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Barrel water short. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream barrel water short. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

barrel with water 39
Meaning of the dream: disloyalty of friends

moldy barrel 2
Description: rashness

deserve barrel 23
Interpretation of the dream: you have the feeling that someone persecutes you

full barrel 77
Translation: misery

oil barrel 6
Dream description: negotiating favorable

sprinkle water 10
Meaning: high hopes

cloudy water 44
Translation of the dream: Good news

hot water 26
Interpretation: unjust slander

barrel 15
Sense of the dream: symbol of motherhood

offend with barrel 26
What does it mean: do not be distracted by issues of little consequence

short route 80
Meaning of the dream: critically

bitter water 81
Description: disturbing thoughts

drinking water 35
Interpretation of the dream: little impressionability

roar of water 55
Translation: obstacles overcome

barrel route 22
Dream description: uncontrolled impulses

barrel smashed 14
Meaning: threat of rain that will damage your plantings

broken barrel 59
Translation of the dream: happy event

empty barrel 15
Interpretation: inconstancy in love

polluted water 72
Sense of the dream: serenity

Dirty water 90
What does it mean: good news

poisonous water 60
Meaning of the dream: mortification unjust

Tuna barrel 16
Description: Success in any field

ice water 44
Interpretation of the dream: discouragement

dripping water 28
Translation: bright ideas

scented water 70
Dream description: find difficulties to organize your schedule

boil water 7
Meaning: harmony with the environment

bayonet in the barrel 35
Translation of the dream: uncontrolled impulses

barrel oil 37
Interpretation: fear of betrayal

running water 13
Sense of the dream: requited love

clear water 53
What does it mean: misunderstandings at work

sterilized water 11
Meaning of the dream: arrogance and conceit

sulphurous water 45
Description: exhausting tasks to be performed

carry water 38
Interpretation of the dream: bold initiatives

water bubble 86
Translation: inflexible character

filtered water 67
Dream description: passing enthusiasm

water in a vessel Broken 33
Meaning: risk of theft

plenty of water 49
Translation of the dream: good luck

barrel breaks 26
Interpretation: passion accentuated

barrel with anchovies 52
Sense of the dream: fighting spirit

barrel with sugar 5
What does it mean: prosperity in family

fresh water 22
Meaning of the dream: discomfort in intimate life

seal in water 9
Description: short trip

barrel with wine 47
Interpretation of the dream: merry events

water 1
Translation: desire to escape to discontent

mouthful of water 42
Dream description: fickleness of character

barrel of rum 74
Meaning: struggles and disputes

water vein 40
Translation of the dream: cost-effective solution

cascading water 37
Interpretation: distrust in the near

codfish in water 13
Sense of the dream: new openings in love

anchovy in water 22
What does it mean: some imbalance

barrel on a ship 50
Meaning of the dream: welfare

fear of water 33
Description: initiatives to return

cooked in water 49
Interpretation of the dream: love solitude

shortbarreled gun 8
Translation: discovery of enmity

goose in the water 53
Dream description: valid help from an elderly person

frog in water 31
Meaning: fluctuating fortune

water in wine 44
Translation of the dream: economies needed

fall into the water 46
Interpretation: decision

ewer with water 42
Sense of the dream: match emotional