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Barbarian wounded. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream barbarian wounded. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

barbarian wounded 11

barbarian slain 21
Description: you need to rest more and better

barbarian killed 56

barbarian dead 16

barbarous 29
Dream description: conquest of love and also little risk of committing an action good

lurking wounded 41

smuggler wounded 84

Executioner wounded 65

cheater wounded 59

grenadier wounded 49

cobbler wounded 68

conspired wounded 23

swordsman wounded 63

Archduke wounded 42

emperor wounded 80

canary wounded 42

herald wounded 67

Commissioner wounded 17

conciliator wounded 37

Commodore wounded 56

eunuch wounded 7

heron wounded 49
Description: prudence with collaborators

ambush wounded 50

insurer wounded 67

Lancer wounded 19

Democrat wounded 17

financier wounded 10

adulterer wounded 84
Interpretation: certain period of work stress

Admiral wounded 76
Sense of the dream: protection to be given

Communist wounded 18
What does it mean: next hassles

packer wounded 21

Marshal wounded 50

be barbaric 45
Interpretation of the dream: harassment

collect wounded 24
Translation: hostilities family

butcher wounded 30
Dream description: anxieties and worries of short duration

plowman wounded 46

gunner wounded 32
Translation of the dream: prudence with expenses

owl wounded 5

wounded contractor 81

darted wounded 52

nightingale wounded 4
Meaning of the dream: difficulties in friendships

English wounded 80

cadet wounded 46

torso wounded 20
Translation: sadness

scab wounded 79

hydrophobic wounded 65

bullfighter wounded 53

commander wounded 87

Prince wounded 33

Minister wounded 44

boxer wounded 66

gondola with wounded 73

sick wounded 42
Interpretation of the dream: sensuality exaggerated

wounded hare 88

robber wounded 43
Dream description: curiosity satisfied

doe wounded 11

priest wounded 10

lieutenant wounded 33

revive a wounded 26
Sense of the dream: position of responsibility

boss wounded 50

wounded deer 20
Meaning of the dream: hostility in family

gendarme wounded 76
Description: changing situation

Colonel wounded 30
Interpretation of the dream: deception as to avoid

Landing of wounded 7
Translation: to curb impulsiveness

cot with wounded 28

gull wounded 28
Meaning: small disturbances

fighter wounded 78
Translation of the dream: quarrels short

man wounded 63
Interpretation: risky business

wounded lovers 38

wounded boar 78
What does it mean: easy achievements

wounded squirrel 31
Meaning of the dream: compromises dangerous

wounded assailant 31

wounded murderess 58

wounded dies 59

wounded vector 46
Dream description: momentary separation

wounded friend 7

explorer injured 44
Translation of the dream: challenges to overcome

wounded (dreamed by a powerful) 44
Interpretation: danger to your person

miner injured 66

wounded abdomen 29
What does it mean: Personal attacks on matters that make you very sensitive

trucks with wounded 58

wounded monk 12

wounded wolf 77
Interpretation of the dream: alternative choice

lift a wounded 11
Translation: protections from higher

wounded in the arm 26
Dream description: soon you lose powerful friends, that so far you have been faithful