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Bank letter. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bank letter. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

use bank 75

bank branch 86
Description: triumph over difficulties

bank pledge 46
Interpretation of the dream: disillusions

bank ticket 90
Translation: imagination unreal

bank teller 76
Dream description: change of program

bank communication 16
Meaning: new interests

deposit in the bank 69
Translation of the dream: negotiating favorable


bellhop bank 51
Interpretation: original initiatives

River bank 81
Sense of the dream: ambitions ambitious

bank full 34
What does it mean: problems from a letter

own a piggy bank 20
Meaning of the dream: Gain conquered

rob a bank 3
Description: misplaced trust

bank bill 14
Interpretation of the dream: practicality and common sense

financial bank 79
Translation: important for you to accumulate money

sinking bank 17

bank administration 48

bank action 25

shareholder of the bank 47

commercial bank 46

Bank of Italy 88

Bank of the people 40

discount bank 61

bank Neapolitan 87

national bank 53

Roman bank 54

Tuscan bank 81


bank of commerce 4

bank of snow 2

cash bank 58

savings Bank 63

bank catalog 45

bank coupon 7

bank manager 46

line at the bank 53

check bank 57

Bank account 2

financier bank 44

bank fund 52

empty piggy bank 17
Sense of the dream: work activities

break a piggy bank 65
What does it mean: affirmation hampered

buy a piggy bank 54
Meaning of the dream: overcome difficulties

giving a piggy bank 71
Description: Good news coming

clay piggy bank 78

broken piggy bank 10

letter 2
Dream description: new opportunity or challenge

take a letter 49

open a letter 24
Translation of the dream: hopes dashed

Finally a letter 55
Interpretation: harmful relationships

copy a letter 2
Sense of the dream: good faith betrayed

deliver a letter 37
What does it mean: you do not want to have any responsibility

express letter 16
Meaning of the dream: you have to talk at all costs

sheet letter 55
Description: Understanding with friends

gallant letter 1
Interpretation of the dream: passionate ideas

read a letter 9
Translation: bitter budget

write a letter 54
Dream description: joys of love

send a letter 38
Meaning: serenity of ideas

anonymous letter 50
Translation of the dream: errors to be repaired

love letter 74
Interpretation: obstacles to overcome

business letter 62
Sense of the dream: lack of reflection

original letter 77
What does it mean: unexpected news

pastoral letter 40
Meaning of the dream: conquest of privileges

perfuming a letter 13
Description: lack of self-confidence

recommend a letter 15
Interpretation of the dream: unfounded fears

letter with money 78
Translation: intrigues of colleagues

he delivered a letter 8
Dream description: projects favorable working

reread a letter 48
Meaning: News coming soon

respond to letter 90
Translation of the dream: wisdom of purpose

letter writing 18
Interpretation: relationships

seal a letter 36
Sense of the dream: physical fatigue

sign a letter 52
What does it mean: exaggerated emotionality

rip a letter 72
Meaning of the dream: accommodation of a deal

translate a letter 20
Description: obstacles overcome

transcribe a letter 8
Interpretation of the dream: trouble with co-workers

endorse a letter 84
Translation: impromptu welcome

stigmatize a letter 55

piece by letter 27

Closing Letter 44

circular letter 39

unseal a letter 5

open letter 29

letter closed 65

letter from America 15

letter of boyfriend 60

letter of son 3

letter lover 3

Letter Friend 1

letter of exchange 53

fake letter 24

letter secret 15

letter mail it 81

small letter 41

provide a letter 26

liberate a normal letter 66
Interpretation of the dream: revenge