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Balloon bursting. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream balloon bursting. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

colorful balloon 18
Meaning of the dream: concerns

inflating balloon 55
Description: agitated love life

Balloon flying 30
Interpretation of the dream: need for discipline

balloon jumps 46
Translation: need a break in life

inflatable balloon 11
Dream description: to distance himself from certain behaviors

ascension balloon 63
Meaning: you will have the opposition in love

Leather balloon 26
Translation of the dream: relationships

firecracker bursting 69
Interpretation: suffer persecution

hot air balloon 41
Sense of the dream: hopes and hardships of a project not easy

globe (ball) Imperial 4
What does it mean: obliging neighbors

burst of anger 55
Meaning of the dream: unpleasant constriction

burst in insults 68
Description: negotiations uncertain

globe 14
Interpretation of the dream: you will make a trip

airship 69
Translation: fanciful dreams

ball 10
Dream description: time environment provided by the business because you will be in good shape is not rather careless and imprudent

burst into exclamations 11
Meaning: success on opponents

bomb explodes 66
Translation of the dream: lively conversations

burst of weapons 59
Interpretation: estrus

geographical globe 60
Sense of the dream:

miter burst 38
What does it mean: tenacious rancor

burst of bombs 31
Meaning of the dream: insightful

celestial globe 25
Description: intrigue

burst 83
Interpretation of the dream: a lot of pressure and stress

seeing off a ball 80
Translation: business go wrong

burst of firecrackers 73
Dream description: sentimental aspirations

ball football 18
Meaning: projects to be postponed

ball or shot 71
Translation of the dream: time environment provided by the business because you will be in good shape is not rather careless and imprudent

get on the ball 79
Interpretation: unexpected meeting

pop 36
Sense of the dream: good health

kite 2
What does it mean: need for caution

lightning bursts 80
Meaning of the dream: support their opinion not always be easy, especially in family or with your partner

grenade that explodes 66
Description: serenity reports

aerial battle 18
Interpretation of the dream: uncertainty about what to do

outbreak of firearms 76
Translation: business thwarted

burst tire 67
Dream description: lack of loyalty

lark 36
Meaning: abundance and richness

burst of applause 88
Translation of the dream: delusions of grandeur

burst out laughing 87
Interpretation: prevention to overcome

air raid 17
Sense of the dream: coherence in

go 83
What does it mean: joy or laziness

burst with joy 68
Meaning of the dream: economic disadvantages

liquor flask 31
Description: avoided damage

black bowl 24
Interpretation of the dream: gain that fades

car bomb 77
Translation: victory over enemies

flask of wine 21
Dream description: new achievements

explosion 86
Meaning: a lot of pressure and stress

flask with broth 28
Translation of the dream: slander

broken foot 70
Interpretation: loss of one of your

drowned child 30
Sense of the dream: affective shortage

break the bowl 75
What does it mean: small loss

colored ball 17
Meaning of the dream: dangerous illusions

hare fleeing 89
Description: anxieties and fears

fair fleeing 46
Interpretation of the dream: solution of problems

mutilated legs 68
Translation: not be able to avoid the gossip