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Balance diet. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream balance diet. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

detox diet 28
Meaning of the dream: breaking sentimental

milk diet 12
Description: unnecessary controversy

diet to disease 65
Interpretation of the dream: torments unnecessary

vegetable diet 64
Translation: fortune in friendships

Healing with Diet 72
Dream description: great critical sense

stay on a diet 16
Meaning: passive resignation

start the diet 90
Translation of the dream: business acumen

diet 40
Interpretation: capacity achievers

keep in diet 32
Sense of the dream: joys by children

a diet to lose weight 28
What does it mean: intolerance and nervousness

weight loss diet 42
Meaning of the dream: success in business

vegetarian diet 71
Description: gumption

goldsmith balance 88
Interpretation of the dream: offers to sift

new balance 60
Translation: influence exaggerated

stigmatize a balance 77
Dream description: listlessness at work

automatic balance 59
Meaning: Remedies to be made

balance without weights 70
Translation of the dream: indolence harmful

impaired balance 18
Interpretation: exemplary conscientiousness

keep one's balance 29
Sense of the dream: overexertion

lose his balance 30
What does it mean: projects lenses

sale for balance 85
Meaning of the dream: reflection and wisdom

of age 67
Description: prosperity

equilibrium 40
Interpretation of the dream: obtain justice after allegations deserve

unstable equilibrium 63
Translation: long-term projects

stable equilibrium 26
Dream description: intense activity

annual balance 41
Meaning: fortune

credit balance 25
Translation of the dream: insecurity and mistrust

a balanced budget 30
Interpretation: to overcome prejudices

regime 24
Sense of the dream: ability inventive

food ration 21
What does it mean: good health

offer food 24
Meaning of the dream: solution of legal matters

food acid 72
Description: successful betting

Food jealousy 6
Interpretation of the dream: repressed feelings

Food surplus 36
Translation: quarrels and concerns

vomit food 57
Dream description: disagreement with family

liquid food 18
Meaning: perspicacity in business

solid food 62
Translation of the dream: wise improvisation

hide food 73
Interpretation: depression

baby food for a child 7
Sense of the dream: great sensitivity

baby food for a sick 90
What does it mean: fighting energy

equilibrist falling 38
Meaning of the dream: battles to support

dietician 9
Description: period down in the dumps

Foodstuff 12
Interpretation of the dream: joyfulness

the scales 7
Translation: disorder in family

weighing plate 2
Dream description: problem with brothers

dissect cadavers 89
Meaning: serious concerns

weight scale 29
Translation of the dream: obtain justice after allegations deserve

hand scale 52
Interpretation: Anxiety and fear

old scales 90
Sense of the dream: Excessive modesty at work

scales with weights 11
What does it mean: identification in the near

Order information 12
Meaning of the dream: someone is trying to exploit you

scale route 65
Description: I remember the sins of youth

Order in the head 55
Interpretation of the dream: shyness

hair in order 65
Translation: You have a clear idea

restore order 3
Dream description: organizational capacity