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Baked bars. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream baked bars. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bars cashier 88
Meaning of the dream: stop in the activity

journeyman bars 65
Description: broken promises

local bars 54
Interpretation of the dream: needs of employees

He teaches bars 82
Translation: concrete achievements

bars 27
Dream description: give to Caesar what is Caesar

reopening the bars 68
Meaning: general improvement

baked apples 20
Translation of the dream: interview welcome

handle bars 20
Interpretation: contrasts of love

baked pears 67
Sense of the dream: deceit and slander

baked pike 52
What does it mean: you have to be clear about your exhibitions

baked cakes 41
Meaning of the dream: susceptibility

baked biscuits 4
Description: some complications

cooked snails 43
Interpretation of the dream: sentimental serenity

cooked asparagus 67
Translation: that appearances are deceiving

cooked legumes 81
Dream description: disagreement with a son

monkey bars 15
Meaning: amorous passion

attend bar 3
Translation of the dream: to overcome grievances

honey baked 69
Interpretation: melancholy

baked kid 17
Sense of the dream: pain for a loved one

ravioli baked 43
What does it mean: that appearances are deceiving

noodles baked 69
Meaning of the dream: enforceable rights

Pepper baked 5
Description: pleasant moment of life

stewed prunes 27
Interpretation of the dream: physical discomfort

cooked cockles 42
Translation: disagreements with family

cooked tomatoes 16
Dream description: innovations and initiatives

go to the bar 6
Meaning: future uncertain

raw and not cooked 19
Translation of the dream: you will have troubles

entertain at the bar 31
Interpretation: lack of loyalty

cooked broad beans 37
Sense of the dream: short illness

call to the bar 11
What does it mean: to overcome adversity

baked onion 74
Meaning of the dream: absurd claims

cooked shrimp 48
Description: sad disappointments

baked ham 69
Interpretation of the dream: serene resignation

tripe cooked 83
Translation: good business

cuttlefish cooked 12
Dream description: conventional prejudices

baked bread 89
Meaning: speculations very risky and dangerous

baked potato 48
Translation of the dream: important meetings

anchovies cooked 41
Interpretation: deterioration of romantic relationships

apple poorly cooked 60
Sense of the dream: ill health

baked with wheat 47
What does it mean: painful decision

offal cooked 18
Meaning of the dream: critical

cooked mushrooms 48
Description: indecision dangerous

baked with flour 38
Interpretation of the dream: health hazard

cooked vegetables 13
Translation: capacity building

pigeons cooked 50
Dream description: risks and carelessness

boiled at the table 4
Meaning: happiness and joy

baked pasta 58
Translation of the dream: fruitful collaboration

cooked in water 49
Interpretation: love solitude

do exercises at the barre 68
Sense of the dream: dangerous temptations

boiled with sauce 24
What does it mean: Councils concerned

cotta grass 26
Meaning of the dream: security

Grenadier the bar 46
Description: indifference to others

smell of baked bread 50
Interpretation of the dream: good weather

baked loaf bad 43
Translation: discouragement of short duration