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Bad surprise. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bad surprise. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bad surprise 13
Meaning of the dream: sentimental melancholy

unwelcome surprise 67
Description: search for material pleasures

make the surprise 27
Interpretation of the dream: irrational behavior

pleasant surprise 48
Translation: accentuated emotional egocentrism

surprise 45
Dream description: coherence in

receive surprise 26
Meaning: danger of scams

gambling den surprise 72
Translation of the dream: resistance to work

prepare a surprise 74
Interpretation: critical moments

surprise ending 87
Sense of the dream: better health care

surprise speeches 84
What does it mean: good business performance

surprise lovers 14
Meaning of the dream: exciting experience

deserter surprise a secret 50
Description: news of an absent, sadness

exclamation of surprise 89
Interpretation of the dream: imagination and fantasy

dismayed by surprise 11
Translation: misunderstandings and disappointments

surprised beautiful 10
Dream description: parenthesis relaxing

copy with bad handwriting 56
Meaning: false alarms

bad opinion 76
Translation of the dream: intransigence in love

backwards to surprise 4
Interpretation: little will to fight

Cabinet with a bad 10
Sense of the dream: serious altercation

bad fairy 44
What does it mean: nervous temperament

bad handwriting 51
Meaning of the dream: powerful protection

animal bad 66
Description: lack of patience with young people

bad view 66
Interpretation of the dream: changes favorites

bad answer 88
Translation: gratitude and sincerity

bad action 17
Dream description: success of new ideas

bad embassy 21
Meaning: Pending disappointed

bad complexion 8
Translation of the dream: relationships relaxing

bad reception 81
Interpretation: fulfillment of desires

bad day 17
Sense of the dream: seductive illusions

bad idea 36
What does it mean: big problems we'd like to get rid

have a bad reputation 84
Meaning of the dream: sick passenger

make a bad night 15
Description: period of nervousness

bad leg 30
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassment of choice

bad morning 88
Translation: delicate situation

bad way 18
Dream description: blessings and honors

look bad 38
Meaning: rebellion useless

jailer bad 35
Translation of the dream: businesses difficult

have a bad 67
Interpretation: rupture of relations

hearing bad 43
Sense of the dream: all you will stay dark

bad woman 18
What does it mean: need for greater ease

digestion bad 88
Meaning of the dream: persecution complex

bad food 15
Description: sudden conclusion

bad witch 37
Interpretation of the dream: moral integrity

bad education 39
Translation: honest advice

bad parent 55
Dream description: given proper credit to those around you

bad bladder 57
Meaning: safe location

mare bad appearance 32
Translation of the dream: concubine or servant who dreams of marriage

baked loaf bad 43
Interpretation: discouragement of short duration

enjoy bad reputation 61
Sense of the dream: alertness

abbess of a monastery bad 88
What does it mean: pleasure

concept to have a bad 43
Meaning of the dream: impatience

tenor who sings bad 68
Description: discovery of intrigue

bad smell of sweat 17
Interpretation of the dream: health hazard