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Baby blond blue. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream baby blond blue. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

blond teenager 26
Meaning of the dream: annoying friends

blond mustache 8
Description: Good news coming

blond beard 81
Interpretation of the dream: desire to escape

blond woman 31
Translation: position compromised

blond child 67
Dream description: hopes realized

blond hair 4
Meaning: compromising friendships

blond female 58
Translation of the dream: mutual understanding

blond hairs 81
Interpretation: hard problems

blond braid 66
Sense of the dream: superstitious fears

blond man 70
What does it mean: fickle affections

artificial blond 47

see the color blue 64
Description: happy omen

blue dress 51
Interpretation of the dream: nearby a woman

blue flower 63
Translation: lucky in love

blue sky 43
Dream description: extraordinary meetings

blue sign 1
Meaning: birth of a child

color blue 84
Translation of the dream: dangerous fall

blue eyes 41
Interpretation: good news and expectations

blue bottle 35

blue bow 88

apron blue 29

blue typeface 45

blue muslin 67

blue penguin 36
Translation: strong emotions

wearing blue apron 38
Dream description: womanish chatter

light blue colour 44

baby 1
Translation of the dream: desire to have a child

abandoned baby 42
Interpretation: unexpected fortune

baby or toddler 1
Sense of the dream: desire to have a child

baby in cot 18
What does it mean: feminine coquetry

crying baby 40
Meaning of the dream: happiness reached

baby laughing 14
Description: meandering thoughts

dead baby 14
Interpretation of the dream: morbid thoughts

baby found 28
Translation: apprehension justified

baby dress 13
Dream description: Late repentance

naked baby 18
Meaning: noble feelings

baby clean 46
Translation of the dream: trepidation for a child

baby baptism 5
Interpretation: donation from elderly person

baby burr 8
Sense of the dream: excessive confidentiality

beautiful baby 2
What does it mean: optimistic forecasts

ugly baby 31
Meaning of the dream: restlessness

see fall baby 71
Description: problems in the affections

baby bald 87
Interpretation of the dream: narrow escape

coat baby 78
Translation: heightened sensitivity

corsage Baby 13
Dream description: Good news

headphone Baby 7
Meaning: understanding family

baby cap 70
Translation of the dream: Good news coming

cradle with a baby 19
Interpretation: protection at work

cradle a baby 41
Sense of the dream: confidence in the future

a deformed baby 12
What does it mean: discovery of intrigue

baby headband 39
Meaning of the dream: concerns for the future

apron baby 47
Description: knowledge important

baby food 85
Interpretation of the dream: good news