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Aunt to medicines. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream aunt to medicines. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

uncle or aunt 20
Meaning of the dream: quarrels in the family

resemble the aunt 67

heir aunt 41

buy medicines 79
Translation: enthusiasm

ampoule with medicines 84
Dream description: quarrels at work

distill medicines 65
Meaning: overcome obstacles

boxes of medicines 52
Translation of the dream: physical fatigue


sell medicines 55
Interpretation: health concerns

administer medicines 16
Sense of the dream: health concerns

drink medicines 61

cured with medicines 5

the packing of medicines 43

nurse who gives medicines 18

swallow medicines 85

mix medicines 45

shopkeeper of medicines 59

equate medicines (mallow, borage) 2
Translation of the dream: you will be freed from noise and rapidity business

haunt 5
Interpretation: poverty of spirit

haunt taverns 4
Sense of the dream: hard struggle for existence

drinking medicine 63
What does it mean: Excessive confidence

aloe (medicinal plant) 23
Meaning of the dream: health

eat borage (medicinal herb) 36
Description: be freed from noise and promptness in business

medicine capsule 22
Interpretation of the dream: restless spirit

give medicine 27
Translation: understanding in sentimental

decoction medicine 15
Dream description: resistance tests

medicinal herb 22
Meaning: good health and good business


vial of medicine 1
Translation of the dream: lack of pretension

gaunt cheeks 3
Interpretation: You get sick

oral medicine 41
Sense of the dream: consolation to relatives

flaunt wealth 25
What does it mean: malice hidden

flaunt merits 39
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

flaunt beauty 67
Description: talk to women

flaunt friendships 81
Interpretation of the dream: hopes fade

flaunt courage 8
Translation: inner conflicts

tablet or medicine 25
Dream description: Bad mood

ointment medicine 53
Meaning: achievable goals

potion medicine 15
Translation of the dream: moral steadfastness

medicine 77
Interpretation: infirmity, affliction

do medicine 73
Sense of the dream: illness, loss of money

seize medicine 85
What does it mean: narrowness of spirit

reject medicine 14
Meaning of the dream: their tangled interests

administer medicine 7
Description: friends, rescued and protected

eating medicinal plants 28
Interpretation of the dream: business solved

medicinal remedy 49
Translation: comforting news

medicinal soap 27
Dream description: new responsibilities

flaunting their wealth 65
Meaning: need for caution

flaunt their courage 86
Translation of the dream: tension in the family

taunt 77
Interpretation: insecurity

taunt children 40
Sense of the dream: insecurity

taunt poor 25
What does it mean: aspiration to the domain

taunt blind 9
Meaning of the dream: illusions of love

taunt humpbacks 7
Description: clarifications

taunt men 10
Interpretation of the dream: resistance

taunt women 6
Translation: poor reflection

syrup medicine 88
Dream description: laziness and distrust

sip of medicine 54
Meaning: ailment passenger

haunt a person 8
Translation of the dream: compromising relationship

It is haunted by cows 37
Interpretation: danger, a bit of prudence to avoid

doctorate in medicine 12

ampoule medicine 8

glass with medicine 4

flask with medicine 87

bottle with medicine 72

essence medicine 87

pack medicine 6

graduate in medicine 25

take medicine 39

medicinal oil 2

opium medicine 39

haunted 89

haunted repentant 90

carafe with medicine 4

medicine tablet 25