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Attend the engagement party. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream attend the engagement party. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

attend a party 24
Meaning of the dream: well directed actions

engagement ring 54
Description: illusions ambitious

Anniversary Engagement 26
Interpretation of the dream: acuity of judgment

toast for engagement 64
Translation: ability to donate

disapprove an engagement 65
Dream description: skill practice

attend the course 54

now attend 55

party 20
Interpretation: yearn for fun

attend an accident 9
Sense of the dream: humiliation

attend a commemoration 9
What does it mean: consolation and assistance

attend a concert 86
Meaning of the dream: stubbornness

attend bar 3
Description: to overcome grievances

attend theaters 29
Interpretation of the dream: passing enthusiasm

attend school 86
Translation: incompatibility of character

attend taverns 12
Dream description: few scruples

attend a funeral 39
Meaning: misfortune and pain

attend a Mass 17
Translation of the dream: profitable venture

attend an oratory 4
Interpretation: awards and honors

attend a dance 37
Sense of the dream: introversion

attend a conference 51
What does it mean: envy masked

attend a lunch 23
Meaning of the dream: love for comfort

attend a childbirth 6
Description: favorable events

attend a process 90
Interpretation of the dream: the will and firm energy

attend a prodigy 51
Translation: great recognition and benefits

attend the recitation 32
Dream description: excitation for a project

attend a race 38
Meaning: Good news

attend a reception 53
Translation of the dream: new events

attend a meeting 84
Interpretation: loneliness

attend a deal 23
Sense of the dream: good agreement with brothers

attend a job 48
What does it mean: joy and abandon

attend a practice 62
Meaning of the dream: Professional trouble

attend an assignment 10
Description: secret enemies

attend universities 31
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant changes

attend the launch 47
Translation: critic situation

attend the library 21

attend campaign 3

attend film 77

attend club 76

attend relatives 22

attend restaurants 53

adhere to a party 18
Meaning of the dream: vanity

join a party 13
Description: favors required

enliven a party 71
Interpretation of the dream: Excessive confidence

be in a party and dance 53
Translation: joy and earnings

cheering party 23
Dream description: harmful excesses

party sad 83
Meaning: tension in the family

party boat 60
Translation of the dream: negotiations and agreements

party train 10
Interpretation: action by trade

party in the country 75
Sense of the dream: spirit of adventure

Communion party 14
What does it mean: discovery of a secret of others

Party discipline 57
Meaning of the dream: business inconclusive

dance party 14
Description: originality and impatience

masked party 9
Interpretation of the dream: crushes

family party 60
Translation: status uncertain

military party 24
Dream description: brilliant success

opposition party 11
Meaning: experiences dubious

organize a party 87
Translation of the dream: emotional states

people in party 76
Interpretation: pleasant meeting

plan a party 62
Sense of the dream: critically

liven up a party 16
What does it mean: lucky in love

Queen of a party 74
Meaning of the dream: physical exuberance

give up a party 22
Description: scrupulousness in work

returning from a party 38
Interpretation of the dream: violent emotions

expelled from party 5
Translation: new exciting ideas

party crowd 41

Ambassador at a party 7

ecclesiastical party 37

party at church 37

party animal 10

party whip 53

start the party 77

action at a party 2

organizing party 44

congratulations for a party 23

lady at a party 36

dancing at a party 2

private party 77

form a party 21

attend the gambling den 25
Sense of the dream: evil inclination

attend a dance without participating 3
What does it mean: optimum health and long and healthy life