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Arrange fish. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream arrange fish. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

arrange a garden 67
Meaning of the dream: small gain

arrange a vegetable garden 8
Description: enthusiasm and new ideas

arrange a meeting 7
Interpretation of the dream: understanding and serenity

born fish 39
Translation: rain

crumple fish 17
Dream description: hopes dashed

breed fish 17
Meaning: death of a woman giving birth or bad

spearing fish 19
Translation of the dream: strong will

merchant fish 34
Interpretation: gain in business

fin fish 73
Sense of the dream: sadness and anxiety

sell fish 13
What does it mean: gradual improvement

catch big fish 33
Meaning of the dream: joy and profit

see catch fish 4
Description: children in poor health or dumb

fish of different color 17
Interpretation of the dream: growth of disease

gutting fish 38
Translation: major projects

Lucerne fish 23
Dream description: you will have disagreements

pike (fish) 52
Meaning: struggles

weigh fish 66
Translation of the dream: try to talk to someone who does not want to hear

fish salmon 32
Interpretation: unfulfilled desires

importing fish 77
Sense of the dream: organizational skills

fish breeding 33
What does it mean: strong impressionability

to smoke fish 46
Meaning of the dream: amazement

season the fish 21
Description: great imagination

fish in the jar 65
Interpretation of the dream: physical imbalance

arranging a deal 77
Translation: reasonable decision

organize misdeeds 50
Dream description: risk of theft

eat fish 74
Meaning: talk to women

hamper with fish 29
Translation of the dream: peace in the family

salted fish 30
Interpretation: you ll have to struggle with poverty

organize work 49
Sense of the dream: deep aspirations

organize army 65
What does it mean: new possibilities

fish with the net 17
Meaning of the dream: misjudgments

organize a walk 55
Description: tie ends

organize a trip 40
Interpretation of the dream: emotional stability

roundup of fish 17
Translation: excellent prospects

organize dinner 18
Dream description: reduced activity

organize a dance 63
Meaning: need to choose between two loves

organize an office 38
Translation of the dream: request for moral support

organize the robbery 58
Interpretation: inner conflicts

catch a fish 17
Sense of the dream: good health

organize an attack 54
What does it mean: deeply hate a person

fishing boat with fish 40
Meaning of the dream: Speculation guessed

bale of fish 90
Description: new sensations

pond with live fish 55
Interpretation of the dream: good friendships

carp (fish) 3
Translation: pour in better soon

organize lunch 1
Dream description: unfounded concerns

bait (fish) 7
Meaning: abundance

organize a crime 80
Translation of the dream: serious concerns

buy fish 51
Interpretation: Arrival money

see the birth of fish 38
Sense of the dream: joy health

organize an ambush 11
What does it mean: deception in love

organize a party 87
Meaning of the dream: emotional states

aquarium with tropical fish 74
Description: disappointment

perch (fish) 4
Interpretation of the dream: pleasure, contentment

cold fish 66
Translation: impressionability

fish trap 34
Dream description: You have regrets of the past

fish hatchery 48
Meaning: sudden fortune

river fish 71
Translation of the dream: family concerns

roasted fish 35
Interpretation: easy but dangerous adventure