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Arm painted black. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream arm painted black. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dress in black 15
Meaning of the dream: difficulties and pessimism

artificial arm 84
Description: serious problems to be solved

dislocated arm 3
Interpretation of the dream: sunset of an ideal

affected arm 26
Translation: friendships to lose

burned arm 50
Dream description: hopes dashed

combustion arm 44
Meaning: wrong actions departing

smash arm 37
Translation of the dream: momentary elation

spectrum in black 18
Interpretation: bitterness

black colour 62
Sense of the dream: illness in the family

stabbed in the arm 11
What does it mean: sorrow for a child

contusion in the arm 80
Meaning of the dream: timid character

broken arm 4
Description: contradictions

arm 73
Interpretation of the dream: friendship and loyalty

cramp arm 20
Translation: unscrupulous actions

amputate an arm 63
Dream description: sacrifice for children

give the arm 7
Meaning: new proposals favorable

take the arm 71
Translation of the dream: future plans

Black cotton 10
Interpretation: hidden enemies

pike black 8
Sense of the dream: personal associations and relationships

wounded in the arm 26
What does it mean: soon you lose powerful friends, that so far you have been faithful

black tar 2
Meaning of the dream: good health

black ox 74
Description: malice of neighbors

tattoo your arm 20
Interpretation of the dream: you believe someone is making fun of you

see their family in black 51
Translation: misery

garland painted 15
Dream description: delusions of grandeur

painted devil 16
Meaning: false security

marble painted 52
Translation of the dream: changeability of mood

phlebotomy arm 1
Interpretation: threatening illness

sprain to the arm 71
Sense of the dream: to overcome grievances

be taken into arm 45
What does it mean: you have a strong character

black Corsair 77
Meaning of the dream: you want to be independent

arm in a sling 45
Description: imprudence in speaking

match black 50
Interpretation of the dream: brisk business

black satin 72
Translation: dissimulation

Cheetah black 69
Dream description: You have been repressing too much

black jaguar 66
Meaning: you are repressing your feelings

wiggle arm 39
Translation of the dream: moral defeat

black gecko 1
Interpretation: expectations for conclusions slow in coming

gallon black 62
Sense of the dream: thou shalt triumph of your enemies

disrupt an arm 37
What does it mean: commitments to meet

injury to an arm 64
Meaning of the dream: slander and malice

wrap an arm 40
Description: union unstable

tattoo on right arm 49
Interpretation of the dream: accuracy in solving the problem

black balsam 29
Translation: false

apparatus black 67
Dream description: heavy purchases

black apron 20
Meaning: deceptions hidden

black shawl 61
Translation of the dream: little positive period

black cope 58
Interpretation: challenges to overcome

black velvet 33
Sense of the dream: secret love

stand to an arm 13
What does it mean: doubts and uncertainties

tattoo on his left arm 66
Meaning of the dream: big changes