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Apse decorated. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream apse decorated. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

apse decorated 11
Meaning of the dream: ostentation Safety

apse 51
Description: important news

see apse 88
Interpretation of the dream: important news

apse with officiating 60
Translation: difficult relationships in family

apse with singers 26
Dream description: dangerous temptations

apse empty 3
Meaning: misplaced trust

altar decorated 66
Translation of the dream: existence agitated

decorated column 49
Interpretation: agitated life

vestibule decorated 23
Sense of the dream: risk of confusion

decorated Alpine 68

decorated for bravery 7

decorated lintel 20

decorated for civil valor 8

decorated with the Military Cross 5

aqueduct that collapses 32
Dream description: revenge on enemies

decoration 5
Meaning: heritage countered

funeral decorations 66
Translation of the dream: harmony

Wedding decoration 77
Interpretation: venal love

Festive decorations 80
Sense of the dream: ill health

decorate the house 36
What does it mean: unannounced visits

decorate your room 41
Meaning of the dream: welfare

balcony collapses 80
Description: malicious slander

furnishing see a rich decoration 82
Interpretation of the dream: aid

bell tower collapses 21
Translation: irresponsible decisions

chimney that collapses 27
Dream description: gain that fades

consternation to a collapse 20
Meaning: compromising relationship

to decorate 14
Translation of the dream: agitated life

decorate a room 90
Interpretation: good intentions

decorate a theater 82
Sense of the dream: wishes that come true

decorate a road 44
What does it mean: good business

decorate a church 18
Meaning of the dream: invitation to a trip

decorate an altar 4
Description: small differences

decorate medals 56
Interpretation of the dream: lack of reflection

decorate a cross 66
Translation: Health Concerns

carry or sell a decoration 3
Dream description: you ll get a good job

collapse 42
Meaning: bad omen

physical collapse 51
Translation of the dream: disease

collapse of a tree 87
Interpretation: accidents

economic collapse 90
Sense of the dream: waste of money

barn collapses 2
What does it mean: financial loss

seeing the collapse of an institution 58
Meaning of the dream: your certainties have collapsed

decorate with flowers 79
Description: moral satisfaction

decorate with leaves 3
Interpretation of the dream: lasting success

decorate with tapestries 34
Translation: indecision

decorate with plants 18
Dream description: difficulty

decorative panel 20
Meaning: quarrel with relatives

collapsed bridge 56
Translation of the dream: difficult to overcome

primroses decorate 1
Interpretation: weakness of character

decorate with embroidered 75
Sense of the dream: domestic happiness

relapse into illness 58
What does it mean: exuberant vitality

Ceiling collapses 23
Meaning of the dream: financial difficulties

terrace collapses 80
Description: malicious slander

dump collapses 23
Interpretation of the dream: financial difficulties

tower collapses 19
Translation: danger

decorate the shop window 68
Dream description: that appearances are deceiving

collapsed from exhaustion 67

decorate a tree 65

decorate a palace 8

decorate a crib 52

of decorators 8

Emperor with decorations 15

decorate a bathroom 56