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Apron cotton. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream apron cotton. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

apron cotton 88

clean apron 65

apron broken 86

dirty apron 75

colorful apron 18

flowery apron 63
Meaning: would anyone want to subject yourself

embroidered apron 2

apron cloth 60

wash the apron 36
Sense of the dream: new love

apron kitchen 33

apron for men 65

wearing blue apron 38
Description: womanish chatter

white apron 67
Interpretation of the dream: serene cheerfulness

black apron 20
Translation: deceptions hidden

twisted cotton 16
Dream description: weakness of character

Black cotton 10
Meaning: hidden enemies

weave cotton 19
Translation of the dream: support from friendly person

frog cotton 77

apron blue 29

thick cotton 85
What does it mean: exaggerated claims

schoolboy apron 87

waxed cotton 2

beat cotton 29

unravel cotton 72
Translation: good agreement sentimental

spinning cotton 53
Dream description: happy event affective

pink apron 79
Meaning: new working relationships

tie the apron 55
Translation of the dream: visits to relatives

webbing cotton 11

apron woman 17
Sense of the dream: need for economy

leather apron 16

lose an apron 57
Meaning of the dream: You lose the lover

apron baby 47
Description: knowledge important

colored cotton 32
Interpretation of the dream: betrayed trust

silk apron 24

bind at the waist apron 21
Dream description: honor

cotton button 21

cotton umbrella 71

cotton bodice 55

fringe cotton 46
Sense of the dream: contrast between thought and action

staple cotton 87

pair Cotton 3
Meaning of the dream: denotes misfortune

flock of cotton 15
Description: hard times

lots of cotton 25
Interpretation of the dream: to avoid rumors

head of cotton 39

weaver of cotton 69

cotton gasket 62

strings of cotton 33
Translation of the dream: willpower

pack of cotton 62
Interpretation: clear judgment and net

ball of cotton 85

White cotton 2
What does it mean: safe location

cotton 22
Meaning of the dream: good luck

fine cotton 74
Description: illness of a relative

cotton velvet 82
Interpretation of the dream: intricate situation

cotton sock 33
Translation: spirit of contradiction

cotton jacket 11
Dream description: you are independent

cotton towel 59

cotton pajamas 45

cotton thread 41
Interpretation: marital conflicts

cotton skirt 17
Sense of the dream: amorous conquest

cotton tape 38
What does it mean: good solution

cotton sheet 6

cotton warp 51

lace cotton 78
Interpretation of the dream: character punctilious

lump of cotton 39
Translation: redressing injuries by a friend

cotton fleece 52

cotton handkerchief 87

apron 3
Translation of the dream: knowledge important

bale of cotton 25
Interpretation: health recovered

cotton cord 3
Sense of the dream: interesting acquaintances

scrap of cotton 47
What does it mean: arguments for interest

wrappers of cotton 52

cotton blanket 44
Description: enthusiasm for work

skein of cotton 34
Interpretation of the dream: proof of love

cotton dress 25

cotton blouse 62